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A new video setup is on the way!!!!

Actually I'll do a couple podcasts on podcasting over the holidays here since it's a slow time and I'm sure you could use some more (or perhaps less) interesting content.

I've been making do with some old equipment that I had and some low cost purchases that I made. However with the popularity of podcasting, I decided to invest a bit more, more of a split of investment between me and Red Gate. The actual split doesn't matter, but the important thing is I have new equipment coming and a small budget of money to spend!

Here's what's coming:
  • Toshiba Quismo F45, 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM, ready for video production
  • Canon HG-10 - It didn't get a great CNet review, but a number of video sites listed it as the "prosumer" camera to get in the hard drive space. I decided that the transfer speeds of a hard drive outweighed about anything else. I try to avoid Sony because I think they're a crappy company in how they treat consumers and if Panasonic hadn't put the USB port behind the bettery, I might have used them. So Canon it is.
Still to buy:
  • More lights - I need at least one more and possibly two to get things better lit in the basement.
  • New desk  - I've been balancing my wife's desk connector on two chairs, but I really wanted that as the background and a new desk in front. So look for a cheap Wal-Mart or Office Depot desk to appear soon. That way I can drop some interesting stuff in front of the camera.
  • Misc background stuff.
  • Better Editing Software - I'm thinking ULead might be the one I choose, but we'll see. A light version comes with the laptop, so we'll try that and see.
Any suggestions, comments, criticisms are definitely welcome. I'm aiming for the "Geekbrief" quality at some point!

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