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Studio B

By Steve Jones, 2007/11/01

Or maybe C. I think the outside shooting shouldn't really count since that's "on location."

Someone asked me about the podcasts and set up, so here's a look at the new studio in the basement.

I got the desk from my wife's U-shaped desk. She was only using part of us, so I took the connecting part and braced that on a couple chairs. With a backdrop and the sign we made a few years ago, I'm on the way. It's not much, and certainly the camera appears to make it better than it really is, but it's a start and good to have a dedicated space. This might more into another space in the basement, but I'll probably keep a similar setup.

Now I need a couple more lights, and I'd like to get a back desk behind me that I can use to put up a monitor and maybe some interactive background. A new camera and a dedicated laptop along with a teleprompter would be good as well. I'll try to shoot a little more video on making the podcast so you can see what it's like.

I need an equipment list up somewhere as well. This is fun, but harder than I expected and it takes time. Hopefully I'll smooth out the process as I go along.

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