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The Quickest Podcast in the Business

By Steve Jones, 2007/09/30

I almost forgot to record the podcast for tomorrow's editorial. In case you're a glutton for punishment, it's here. I'd spent over an hour polishing off the writing part of this in the am, not having finished it on Friday.

So by fast I mean it took only about 10 takes. After about 4, I decided to break it up and record the intro (title, name, etc.) and separate as well as the credit for Incompetech. BTW, if you like the music, check out some other stuff from Kevin. I emailed him after sampling a dozen or so tunes for permission. I think he's done a nice job and it's a good set of music since I can't get licensed for commercial stuff from the radio. At least not yet.

After bathing the kids and getting them in bed, I was just about to approve the send of the newsletter. I'm behind with the new system, so I haven't quite gotten used to scheduling too far ahead yet. It was then I realized that I needed to record, so I ran downstairs and fired up the audio programs. You might get a kick out of the mistakes I make while recording, but it's a bunch of work to edit things together. But I said it was Friday, stumbled over the title, got tangled up in the second sentence, said JD Peoplesoft, and more.

I'll save some more bloopers when I do video, it will be more fun.

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