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I Don't Have a Black Eye

By Steve Jones, 2007/09/29

Though it kind of looks like that. Here's the first video podcast.

Halo 3

Actually it's probably the 20th, but it's close enough for a test, beta release. Hey, this is a Microsoft site, so we'll release stuff that isn't all the way there. Heck, I don' think it's any worse than the stuff I've seen a Lockergnome, and that's popular. Lighting is an issue and until  I figure out a good routine for moving stuff off the little camera, I thought I'd try the webcam a bit.

This certainly gives me more respect for the people out there producing them, like GeekBrief. However they've spent about $10k on hardware, which I can't really justify right now. Maybe if we build more popularity, but for now I'll work on improving things here. Maybe some old lamps in the office will help.

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