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Points or Posts

By Steve Jones, 2007/09/27

It's an interesting question that we had come up, and honestly I'm not completely sure what I want. I'll describe it a bit here and then you can send comments to me (sjones at or post them in the poll I've set up.

Right now we have each forum post equaling 1 point. Each question from the Question of the Day has a point value (which is randomly chosen by me, usually defaulting to 2) and you get the appropriate number of points for each correct answer. So your total is

Points = Posts + (correct questions * points for each correct question)

This has confused people and while it's an interesting idea, a bunch of people, including myself would like to see their post count. We could easily show posts in the forums and points elsewhere, but here's the trick.

Right now member levels are stored in one place. So if we separate things out, you could have one member level in the QOD section and another one in the forums. Changing that is a little tricky, takes some development time, and more, we need to think about how we'd like that to work.

Personally I don't know if it matters if you have different member levels, and while I'm sure some people won't like it, I wonder if they're the majority. Let us know.

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