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I Am Not In Charge

By Steve Jones, 2007/09/26

That is for sure.

We had a development meeting today with my publishing team (meaning I'm on the team, not leading it) and the developers. We went over some of the bugs and issues we're having. Overall it's not too many bugs, but mostly issues with changes in workslow and people's patterns of use of the site. Of those, we decided on some high priorities, some lessor ones to work if time frees up and then some that we will hold off on and evaluate. The plan is for a weekly development/publishing meeting on Wed and regular updates (meaning daily) from the developers so we can try and get things moving.

The high priority items for now are:
There are a few smaller items and some that will be simple text changes, but that's the high list for this week. Changes to briefcase, QOD, etc. are slated next on the priority list.

There's a little bit of conflict between my group and the other Red Gate site. There are changes that need to be made to other sites and so I'm competing for the developers' time. It's a big of an argument between my boss and theirs, and we'll see what happens. SSC is important, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not as important as software.

I realized today that I'm not in charge of this project. I have a lot of input, but I'm really not the guy driving the train. That's ok and I can deal with it, but I was thinking I didn't have to manage things, but could really then force people to bend to my will. Not the case and it was a good realization for me. I also have to keep in mind that I'm one part of a publishing group and a small part of Red Gate. We don't pay for ourselves directly, so we bend a little to the whims of other groups at times.

However we are an important brand and so we do get to call on some resources. Search looks like it might be the big issue here as it's hard to use, but we'll see what happens.

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