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THE Reception

By Steve Jones, 2007/09/19

After the PASS opening, which I dropped in long enough to get a beer, we had the party.

It seemed to start a little slow, but ended up busier and running smoother than any other of our events. I have to credit the CCEvents and Boulder staffing people that are supporting PASS here with doing a great job. We probably had 120-150 people in there, all playing casino games and enjoying a few sweet snacks.

By the end of the night I was worn out. Tony Davis and I were walking around giving away lots fo DVDs and other prizes to winners in various card games throughout the night, but it's just hard to give away 60-70 prizes. Towards 9pm I started just giving them to random people that were walking around since we had a few people that didn't want to play games.

I got to see a lot of friends from previous conferences and meet a bunch more people. It ended up being a really good event for me and without Andy and Brian, forced me to get more involved. I wish I could have sat more and talked with some people, but overall I really enjoyed the event and I hope everyone attending did as well.

However I think I'll go with a few less prizes, maybe some newer DVDs and make it a little slower pace next year.  

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