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Getting Close

By Steve Jones, 2007/08/24

Actually we had a long meeting with the developers this morning and PMs over a remote desktop session and I was able to show the specific points that were a problem. After some changes yesterday and some testing last night, I had a number of issues, but two main showstoppers. Both of these are administrative, so at this point it's definitely me holding things up (and some testing), but these are some important production issues. If I can't work, then you can't read!

So I acquiesed on one item. It's a pain and it's annoying, plus it has a pretty good room for error, but I can work around it for 4-6 weeks. Six sucks worse and four and by 8 I might be very upset, but it's possible to work with it.

the other one is a big deal. It's my content editor, which is now online, not offline, but it's a big deal. I'm in this thing constantly and I'm regularly working against existing articles or submissions to get them formatted correctly.

So I can't really have it be a big problem for me. And it is right now. The images don't move to the right spot without my switching away from the WYSIWYG mode to text mode and trying to figure it out. Plus I'm doing this against another master piece of content I've gotten usually. Not something I'm writing or very familiar with. So it's a problem and we're looking at an upgrade or another editor to make this work.

Other than that it's minor stuff and more testing for me this weekend.

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