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By Steve Jones, 2007/08/09

I got a note from someone at Red Gate about disengagement with the newsletter and site. Actually it was my boss, not really someone, and he had some trends that bothered him regarding less and less referrals from the newsletter to the site. It appeared that even though traffic was pretty good to the site, going up in fact, we had less referrals from the newsletter to the site. What's worse is as a percentage, not just absolute, things are tailing off.

So is the newsletter not engaging people? Are they reading the editorial (yeah!) and nothing else? Do they not like the newsletter?

I know a lot of people do because I get comments whenever something breaks or changes. However RSS is growing in popularity and fortunately the new site has everything RSS.

It would be nice to better track what's happening in the newsletter, but with many people not downloading pictures, it's hard to tell. That's something to work on as well as delivering a text version (coming soon) and RSS  everything!  

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