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Am I a Good Customer?

By Steve Jones, 2007/08/07

Maybe not. This is a great post and cartoon from David Reed (a friend) mentioning me.

We've had some good arguements in email about my "don't upgrade" advice. I still stand by the advice, though I think that I rather in-eloquently and improperly stated my arguement. And to be fair, David is a high end consultant for Microsoft that gets to work on very cool, very high end installations with large budgets. He joked that he wasn't sure that there was a "standard edition anymore" since he's strictly an enterprise guy.

I think we're both right in some situations, but I hate to be "pushed" into upgrades and SQL 2000 is getting pushed as of next year into an upgrade. So if you don't need to move off 2000, but want support, wait and upgrade next year to 2008.

I'll rewrite my argument again and see if I can make more sense.  

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