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By Steve Jones, 2007/07/19

I've looked at the daily newsletter for a year now and I've wondered about the table of contents. It seems so small and plain that I've been wanting to change it, but I wasn't sure what made sense. Then earlier this week someone suggested reordering the "Users that need help" section and adding links to the sections at the top.

So I had a project.

I started yesterday looking through the newsletter code, which is an ASP page that generates the HMTL. I kind of wish we would have put it into a table somewhere with T-SQL for the work, but alas we didn't. So I started added a TOC to the top using a loop. At first I added all the groups and their subcategories, but that was too long a list, so I cut it down to the major categories (SQL Server 2005, 2008, Programming, etc). And then with hot links down to the first forum in that section.

I don't often have to touch code like this, but once in awhile I do and it's a nice break from the normal day of writing and doing other maintennace.

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