Printed 2017/08/23 09:42PM

Beta Testing

By Steve Jones, 2007/07/13

I'm not big on beta testing, or at least haven't been for a number of years because I can't afford the instability. VPC has helped and I actually loaded up SS2K8 to do some early looking awhile back, but for the most part I'm not into testing other people's unpolished software. Usually the released versions are quite unpolished as it is.

So I've been spending time the last day looking at the next version of the SSC website and I have to say that Steve D and Steve D at Red Gate have done a fantastic job. Much of my workflow has changed, but the site really looks great and it works better in a number of ways. We're running an internal beta next week at Red Gate and hopefully the week after sometime we'll have a public beta.

We're also changing the look and feel a bit. We went over some changes today that should update the site and make things work really well.

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