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Back to Work (Some days it flows)

By Steve Jones, 2007/06/20

My job here at is mainly as editor. This means that for the most part I edit articles, schedule them for release, work with authors, build questions of the day, correct mistakes in questions of the day, and of course write editorials.

Last week I was on vacation, so no work got done. As a matter of fact, I was completely unwired, and so I didn't really do anything. I did make some notes on vacation and start to write an editorial on Friday (as I was ramping up out of vacation mode), so I was really behind when the week started. Only about 600 emails to go through from the week, of which 400 or so were nonsense, vendors, newsletters, SPAM, etc. that I keep an eye on.

So today was going to be a good day to edit some stuff and do some writing. I was behind getting to the Database Weekly links this week, and they usually provide me with some good things to write about. And in fact I jotted down 5 or 6 things I need to editorialize on or write articles on  at some point. I keep a living document of stuff going and today was going to be a productive day.

But my daughter claimed illness this morning. With my wife suffering Montezuma's Revenge for the last 2 days, I couldn't take a chance, and let her stay home from summer day camp. But after a couple hours, she was "miraculously cured" and wants to play, talk, ask for things. I finally snapped when she walked in the office for the 10th time in an hour with some request. Not making for a good work day.   And I was ready to work.  

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