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The Developer Differences

By Steve Jones, 2007/05/22

Here we are starting to see information on Katmai and I'm just getting around to an article comparing SQL 2005 and 2000. I had someone post a question a month or so ago and I couldn't find a good answer. So I created one.

As I was going through it, it seemed that there were so many differences that it would be an unreadable, 10 page article. So I did the admnistrator differences and now am working on the developer ones. But as I do, it seems that there's really two other articles here: the BI differences and the security differences.

I'm not sure if I'll do those, but it probably makes sense. I've put this one off a little because it's a bunch of work, but it's something I want to get done.

Especially after talking with one of the SQL Rangers, who told me that the core engine is pretty much the same. I'm not sure I agree, but it's an interesting thing to see.

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