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Guest Editorial Week

By Steve Jones, 2007/02/11

I've been writing the editorials for over two years now and it's become an almost daily part of my life. I say almost daily because I learned after 6 or 7 hard months that I need to try and get ahead a couple of days, especially when I'm busy or because there are days I don't feel like writing. Seems like the days I'm stuck for an editorial, I have sick kids, or my wife is out of town, or some other event that can easily disrupt my life and cause a bunch of stress.

So this week I'm getting a bit of a break. Not that I didn't have to get some hard work out of the way the last couple weeks, but I have 4 of my 6 editorials this week from guest writers. Tony Davis of Red Gate writes the Database Daily one and I have 3 woman giving different perspectives on women in IT, including my wife.

It's funny that as nice as it is to have a break, I kind of miss writing them.

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