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PASS Summit 2006

By Steve Jones, 2006/11/17

It's the last day of the show and  my apologies for not blogging. I haven't carried my laptop around this year so much and I'm thinking I need a smaller solution for next year since I'm anticipating more remote writing.

This has been a strange conference for me with a lot of mixed feelings. With the site being sold, it's been strange thinking that for the first time in five years Andy and Brian won't be my partners as I carry on the site we built. On the other hand it's been fun seeing so many people I've known from years past and shaking hands with lots of new ones.

Usually the conference is a lot of work for the three of us, from planning the Tuesday night party, to getting ready to speak, and meeting with the PASS board and various vendors about the coming year. This year we had less of that since the "business" of the site isn't something we have to worry about anymore. It still felt exhausting to be working on the new ventures, something I'll have less time for over the next year, and still meeting with people, but more as friends.

Maybe I'm getting older, or maybe the stress of the sale and the changes to come have worn me down, but I was less interested in the conference this year. I did manage to pop into some interesting presentations and I look forward to watching more of them online over the coming weeks. It should provide some good fodder for articles as well and as usual, I got lots of ideas, so  hope to have some interesting articles over the next few months.

I'm also looking forward to the PASS 2007 Summit in Denver. It's where I live, so not having to travel means a lot to me. Hopefully I'll see many more of the same friends and meet new ones over the next year that will come as well. We're still planning on another great party Tuesday night, so be sure you use the source code of "SSC" when you register. And if you can get the budget this year, it's $1000 off the price until Dec 31. A great deal and let your company know. Even if you leave or can't go, they'll have a fairly cheap ticket to a great SQL Server event. 

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