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By Steve Jones, 2006/08/23

Under the category of working too fast, today's downtime was brought to you by me.

I've been working an issue with mail and in trying to check on things, one of the recommendations was that I install the MS06-040 Patch. I 've checked for viruses and trojans, but haven't seen anything. So I decided to apply the patch and clicked the "reboot later" button at the end. However in logging off, I clicked "shutdown" by mistake, since I'd just patched a couple other boxes that aren't supporting the site.

Needless to say things immediately started going down. Fortunately there was a delay while the patches were applied in shutdown and while I'm a little far from the colocation center, I started driving and made it pretty quickly. My guess is we were down about 30 minutes, but hard to tell from the logs.

So, even if you know what you're doing. Move slowly and be sure everything is done correctly. I know better and still make the mistake by clicking a little quickly.

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