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By Steve Jones, 2006/06/26

    I'm doing a little work on the 70-441 exam book since an author flaked and so I took the exam today to get familiar with the type and format of questions. I passed (woo-hoo!!) with an 800-something, which was good. Especially since I need to write questions and case studies now.

It was interseting how different it was than the 70-443 exams. Even with similar case studies, or the same in a couple cases, the focus on how the questions are structured was much different. This is more of a technical exam, asking how specific things could be handled, though not really showing code. 70-443 was more of  an overview, a 10,000 ft design of infrastructure.

I guess I'm halfway now to my MCITP: Database Developer and halfway to my MCITP:Database Administrator.

Now I need to get someone to pay me to get ready for the 40-431 exam :)

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