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A Funny Thing Happened at Starbucks

By Steve Jones, 2006/01/12

I decided to commit to the book, so I'm waiting on some information  and a contact from my co-author and I'll be able to get going. It's 70-443, and I hope it goes over well with all the readers in SQL land.

So I went to Starbucks today to get away and get into a different atmosphere. I really wanted to get a few articles done and had started a new series that I thought I could knock out 4 or 5 articles in a couple weeks before the book really gets going. I'd started one on Tuesday and wanted to get #2 done today along with some polish on #3.

So I'm writing about what I thought would be a simple topic, but as I was writing, both articles required more work because the topic wasn't as straightforward as I imagined. There were inconsistencies and I found some good places where I think I added a lot of value over BOL, which is rather skimpy on a lot of topics.

Then I started thinking about maybe I should just turn this into a short e-book for $3 and sell it. After all, I've been wanting to write another book for myself and to sell it from SSC, but it's been hard to stay focused and motivated. The contract threat from a publisher, however, has pushed me a bit to get going.

And maybe it will get me to knock out a short 50 pager on this topic, heck I've got 6 or 8 done now, and get my own title on the shelf.

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