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I love wireless!!!

By Steve Jones, 2005/11/18

I took part of today off to attend the Denver Woodworking show north of Denver. I left early because, well, I was excited and wanted to get down here and allow for any traffic issues while driving through Denver. It's also my son's birthday, so I need to be back early.

I grabbed the laptop to do some editing just in case I had no traffic issues and I'm glad I did as I got up here quickly and had a few minutes. So I park in the lot at the Denver Merchandise Mart, fire up the laptop and start looking over some reviews that people had submitted. My little taskbar wireless icon shows me there are some networks, so I take a look and sure enough, 2 unsecured networks outside the pavilion, along with a few secured ones.

I jump on one, send editorial comments to the authors and make this entry.

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