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Minor Panic

By Steve Jones, 2005/10/09

I know, I need some stuff posted about PASS and I'll get to it. My wife was injured (she's ok) while I was gone and this week has been extra busy for that reason.

I woke up to get the DatabaseDaily newsletter set this morning and I went to the administration section of the site to generate it.

And it wasn't there? My first thought was we were down here at my house, but my wife was working fine. Kind of strange, huh, both of us working early Sun morning? Anyway, I checked a few things, ESPN, etc. and they were working, just not Didn't even need coffee at that point to get going.

The strange thing was DatabaseDaily was running, so I knew the servers were up. So a hop over to ZoneEdit, who hosts our DNS, shows that after a year, we'd used up most of our credits for DNS. I tried to purchase more with our corporate card, but it's still under Brian's address, so they were difficult about it. Luckily they like Paypal and prefer it, so I jumped over there and bought another 25 credits, got my receipt, and the site was up!!

Now if our accounantant will send that money back to me before my wife notices :)

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