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New Server

Surprisingly the DELL server showed up late Friday afternoon last week when I was expecting more of a Wed-Thur delivery this week. It was a pretty small box, only about 2/3 or so of the length I expected. Since I'd grabbed an LCD monitor as well I wasn't actually sure if I'd gotten a monitor or server and had to open the box.

It's a PowerEdge 750, which is a small 1u server, designed for web farm type environments. We got it from the Dell Outlet for a great price. US$1444 for the server, 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, RAID 1 (2x36GB). A good deal as the cheapest servers there this week are over $2k! After checking that this was the right box, I put it in the car, planning on going Mon morning. As usual I got delayed, and that was ok since the monitor showed up the morning and I took both over yesterday afternoon.

I opened the boxes, made some room on my shelf and put the monitor in there. There's a crash cart in the data center with a monitor and keyboard, but last time I was there it was in use and I couldn't work. That's annoying, so it's why I grabbed an LCD monitor. So that went in easy and then I opened the server box and grabbed the rails, checking to be sure I had right on the right side and same for left. And ...

I figured out relatively quickly that square connectors don't fit into round holes :(

They'd come with the server and I never checked to see about the rails. DELL servers and racks are square hole by default, while I think most of the rest of the world is round. No huge deal as I have a couple servers rack mounted, so I put it on top of one of those. I hooked up power and was ready for KVM when I realized that I didn't have any more KVM cables. A few years back when my startup failed I'd lucked into an 8 port KVM and 4  cables that had been sitting in my basement until we got this site up and running.  We've grown to 5 servers now and I was out of cable. No worries, I took the ones from the KVM and used them, booting the server and starting setup. Then I was off to Microcenter for 2 new KVM cables.

I didn't get back last night, but today I hooked things up, called the firewall guy to get the new server connected, and I'm getting ready for IIS configuration as I type this.

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