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Timothy A Wiseman is a Database Administrator for SAIC with a focus on efficiency and readability of the database and its surrounding ecosystem. In addition to administering the core SQL Server system, he has experience working with Python and Microsoft Access in conjunction with SQL Server. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics as well as an MCDBA and MCITP.

New Publications and a Video

The people at Webucator were kind enough to make a video based on my article on dealing with SQL Server Lock Resource Errors. While I am certainly biased, I think the video came out quite well.  They also have a … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 17 November 2015

Making Changes to Many Forms In Access

Although generally I prefer to create custom interfaces for my databases using fully developed programming languages like Python or C#. I prefer to have full access to their computational capabilities and in particular their graphing even when the initial plan … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 3 July 2015

Keep it short

I have been thinking about resumes a great deal lately. Since I recently passed the Bar Exam, I have been revising and sending out my resume in search of a legal job. At my current job, I have also fairly … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 14 June 2015

Dealing with SQL Server LOCK resource errors.

I was recently doing some testing that required a fairly large table. I created the test table, and set it up to insert about 30 million rows. I got an error that read: The instance of the SQL Server Database … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 26 May 2014

Order of a Result Set in SQL

I have seen people build procedures that rely on a result set being returned in a certain order.  This is fine if an order by clause is used, but SQL Server will not guarantee the order of the results without … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 14 September 2013

SQL Server Three Valued Logic and Ansi Nulls

SQL Server uses a three valued logic with True, False, and Unknown. And, normally, SQL Server Nulls are not comparable. Together that means that this little script: normally produces no results. It simply prints the standard ‘Command(s) completed successfully.’ One … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 21 August 2013

Variable Scope in SQL Server

The way variable scoping works in SQL Server has been well documented on MSDN, but I have seen related issues come up on forums recently so I decided to go over it.  Generally, a variable in T-SQL is available between … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 18 January 2013

A really simple Multiprocessing Python Example

Purpose and introduction A Python program will not be able to take advantage of more than one core or more than one CPU by default.  One way to get the program to take advantage of multiple cores is through the … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 21 December 2012

Playing with Cython

Intro Recently, I came over Cython and started experimenting with it.  After some basic testing, I found several things of interest. Used properly, Cython is a fantastic way to speed up Python code. It is extremely liberal in what Python … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 23 November 2012

Class and instance variables in Python 2.7

The differences and interactions between class variables and instance variables are well described in the Python 2.x documentation, but they can be slightly subtle in some cases and I recently spent quite some time troubleshooting an issue even though I … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 6 October 2012

Some Jargon from the SQL Server World

Not long ago I wrote about how to write well about SQL Server, and one major point was that jargon should be used sparingly and carefully.  Tied to that, I thought it might be beneficial to collect ten of the … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 4 September 2012

The effects of an SSD on SQL Server Performance

I.                    Introduction A little while ago, my wonderful wife Renee got a Solid State Drive (SSD) for me.  Being a DBA, one of my first thoughts was to wonder what kind of effect this would have on database performance, since … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 29 July 2012

New articles posted.

My article Plotting SQL Server Data for Data Visualization is up on MSSQLTips now and discusses using PyQt and Matplotlib to plot data from SQL Server. My article Single User Performance of SQLite v SQL Server was posted yesterday on … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 21 July 2012

Writing About SQL Server

I.              Introduction I recently submitted my entry for a writing competition as part of my continuing education.  While I was preparing for the contest, in which we had one week to create the best entry we could on a topic … Continue reading

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Posted in SQLWise on 9 July 2012