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Aaron Nelson ( blog | twitter ) is a Microsoft MVP for SQL Server (Data Platform) and leads the PowerShell Virtual Chapters of PASS, and volunteers for the local PASS Chapter AtlantaMDF, and helps organize SQL Saturday events in Atlanta. The PowerShell VC of PASS hosts monthly sessions on SQL Server and PowerShell, and you can find the recordings of those sessions on their YouTube channel.

Session Resources for: Visual Design Tips for Power BI & SSRS 2016+

Yesterday I did a session for Idera’s Geek Sync series called “Visual Design Tips for Power BI & SSRS 2016+”. In the session, I called out a bunch of resources that I had used to build me session. Here are the things I talked about and the and where to… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 17 August 2017

DevOps or DataOps Either Way It’s Coming to SQL Server

For T-SQL Tuesday #91 the topic is databases and devops. Grant Fritchey asks us:

How do we approach DevOps as developers, DBAs, report writers, analysts and database developers? How do we deal with data persistence, process, source control and all the rest of the tools and mechanisms, and most importantly,… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 13 June 2017

SQL PowerShell Pre Con at SQL Saturday Chattanooga

I happy to be doing a PreCon at SQL Saturday Chattanooga on Friday June 23rd.

A lot has changed in the SQL PowerShell world in the last 15 months and this full-day session is built to help people keep up with all the things that have been made… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 7 June 2017

Recent SQL PowerShell Articles I Have Written

It’s been too quiet on this blog this year, especially with all the awesome things going on in the SQL PowerShell world!

It’s all my fault

I’ve been spending a lot of the time I could have been using to write blogs to write articles instead. I’ve been trying… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 4 May 2017

Finding Free Space Per Drive & Mount Point in PowerShell

Back in 2010 I was inspired by a twitter conversation between Nicolas Cain (blog | twitter) and Dave Levy (blog | twitter) about checking Disk Space & Mount Points to create a PowerShell function called Get-DisksSpace which can tell you how much space is available on… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 3 May 2017

SQL PowerShell 2017 IS HERE!

Cue Princess Jasmine.

What do I mean “Cue Princess Jasmine”?
Well because starting today, it’s a “Whole New World for You & Me”

What on Earth am I talking about??
The SqlServer PowerShell is now available for download in the PowerShell Gallery! http://sqlps.io/sqlserver

What Does It Mean!?

It means that… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 26 April 2017

PowerShell Virtual Group of PASS February Newsletter

We had a schedule conflict so today’s meeting will be pushed until next Wednesday.  However, we have a last-minute meeting tonight (this afternoon, tomorrow, whichever time zone you’re in).


In this newsletter:

  • Add SSRS to the SQLServer PowerShell Provider?
  • Tonight: PowerShell ? SQL Server: Modern Database Administration with dbatools

Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 15 February 2017

Dark Theme in Office 2013 & 2016

Last week I blogged about how you can turn on Dark Theme in SSMS 2016 but that it’s unfinished and you can use it at your own risk.

As good quality 4K monitors in the 30+ inch range continue to get cheaper & cheaper I find myself wanting to have… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 5 February 2017

Running SSMS 2016 in Read Uncommitted Mode

Back in July when we received the first official release of SSMS not tied to an engine release we got a new SQL PowerShell module and we also received the ability to run SSMS in Read Uncommitted mode via a registry setting.

I was hopeful that this new option would… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 25 January 2017

PowerShell Virtual Group of PASS January Newsletter

We spend way too much time each month drafting the newsletters for the PowerShell Group of PASS.  But hey, we’re database people, not email mavens, and the newsletter does go out to over 4,000 people so it’s worth taking time to try and get it right (even though we don’t… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 18 January 2017

T-SQL Tuesday #86 – Adding when DBCC CHECKDB last ran to the SYS.DATABASES catalog view

Brent Ozar is hosting TSQL2sDay #86 this month and in response to Brent Ozar’s Call for Important Connect Items I wanted to highlight this one about adding the date of the last known good DBCC CHECKDB to SYS.DATABASES. This one seems like a no-brainer to me. When you NEED this… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 10 January 2017

Refreshing the SQL Server PowerShell Provider

Sometimes SSMS gives you stale results and there you have the Refresh button to fix that.

In SQL PowerShell, the same situation can arise where the SQL Server PowerShell Provider is responding to your request with stale data. So how do you fix that? Pretty easily actually. Wherever you are… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 6 January 2017

Up Next, SQL PowerShell for SSAS!

I’ve been wanting to demo cool-easy ways to do things in SSAS with PowerShell for a long time but haven’t gotten around to working on it much. Well, it’s time.

I use SSAS on a regular basis but I’m probably not going to come up with the lion’s share of… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 12 December 2016

October 2016 SQL Mastery Sessions

Everyone is really excited about PASS Summit being right around the corner and as usually happens, the folks at the Portland Oregon user group are putting on a SQL Saturday the weekend before.

I love getting to explore the city of Portland and eat food that came out of a… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 18 October 2016

Webinar: Hacking SQL Servers on Scale using PowerShell

Next up for the PowerShell Virtual Chapter of PASS Scott Sutherland ( b | t ) will be presenting: Hacking SQL Servers on Scale using PowerShell. This session will be live on Wednesday Oct 19, 12-Noon EDT (GMT -4). As always, we will get the recording posted to you PoSh… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 17 October 2016

Searching SQL Servers & Saving Results, with Write-SqlTableData

Just a quick blog today to show you something which is possible with a handful of lines of code. I am writing a more in-depth article for SQL Server Central on Write-SqlTableData, in the meantime hopefully this might inspire or help you with something you need to do.

The… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 14 October 2016

Next for the PoSh VC: PowerShell, SQL and Power BI

That’s right, PowerShell & Power BI.

How does this work you ask?

Well back in July, Rob Sewell ( b | t ) gave us a preview of this, you can catch a few minutes here: https://youtu.be/rc6lwiTE9GI

Here’s Rob’s abstract to give you more info on the session. We… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 12 August 2016

Webinar on 25 New PowerShell cmdlets for SQL Server and more!

Next week Chrissy LeMaire ( b | t ), Laerte Junior ( b | t ), Rob Sewell ( b | t ) and I will be hosting a webinar covering the new PowerShell cmdlets that have just arrived in the end-of-June update of SSMS 2016.

You can register… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 30 June 2016

Connect is Working! Get in While the Getting is Good!!!

TL;DR: Go Vote / File on Connect NOW!

For years I’ve avoided Connect, it’s true.

In an ironic twist fit for a recursive-CTE I think I quit using Connect over responses to items like this one “Improvements to Keyboard Shortcuts in SSMS” when it was “Closed as Won’t Fix”.  Well… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 7 May 2016

Atlanta MDF Presents Five Pre-Cons to choose from in Atlanta Friday, May 17

SQL Saturday is returning to Atlanta on May 18th at Georgia State University – Alpharetta, 3775 Brookside Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30022

The day before the event Atlanta MDF is presenting 5 Pre-Cons to choose from. Last year all three Pre-Cons sold out well before the event so get your tickets… Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 13 March 2013

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