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RedGate SQLSearch & SQL Treeo friendship


one of SQL Treeo users developed clever workaround for SQL Treeo SSMS Add-in to be more compatible with RedGate SQL Search. Enhancement causes that RedGate SQL Search can now jump in folders you created using SQL Treeo Add-in. This allows you to organize your SQL objects in folders… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 11 May 2012

Add-In for searching object in SSMS without touching mouse

I was using various “quick find” SSMS add-ins which give you ability to get your tables, stored procedures, functions and other objects quicker than by using standard SSMS features. Few of them were very well usable but all of them are built to support also complex searching including schema, source… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 7 November 2011

New version of SQL Treeo SSMS productivity add-in was released


new, second version of SQL Treeo productivity add-in was released.

For little reminder, here are main features of this add-in:

  • Create custom folders in SSMS’s object explorer using drag&drop. It works for databases, stored procedures, functions, views and tables
  • Ctrl+click on object will bring ALTER script
  • Perform bulk operations…

Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 6 November 2011

SQL Server 2011 “Denali”: Four new useful DMV

SQL Server 2011 “Denali” CTP3 introduced couple of new Dynamic Management Views (DMV). However, documentation says that some of them were already introduced in SP1 of SQL Server 2008 R2 but it was only two month ago (July 2011). I believe that these views were developed in new release… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 14 September 2011

SQL Server DMV Views: Getting slow queries within stored procedure

SQL Server DMV Views might be very helpful. Let’s imagine that you have a couple of nested stored procedures and you find out that it’s slow. It would be nice if you could discover which single query/ies in your procedures causes that it is slow. Few DMV… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 8 September 2011

SQL Server 2011 “Denali”: Give feedback and win nice gifts

Microsoft SQL Server guys extended periods for Denali’s feedback on Microsoft Connect. And they motivates with really nice gifts for 30$. All you have to do is to report a bug or make a suggestion till September 10, 2011 and be in 300 of first.

Please follow instructions in this… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 5 September 2011

Creating Facebook page for blog

Few weeks ago I released my SSMS productivity add-in and it has already almost 200 downloads. Responses are quite warm and I am very glad. Many users are also waiting for SQL Server 2005/2008 support (2008 R2 is only supported version now) and I will release it soon. I received… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 29 August 2011

How to write data from user-defined function

Writing data from within user-defined function is not permitted. You cannot use any INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/MERGE statement because they’re “side-effecting” for SQL Server. My colleague recently needed to log something from within function so we were searching for solution how to do that with least work. There is one option to call… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 28 August 2011

Great new analytical functions in SQL Server 2011 “Denali”

SQL Server 2011 “Denali” is quite rich for new functions which have really good practical use in T-SQL. I’ve read about another new functions in Denali’s Books Online. I am missing those functions, I will write about, really for years. They’re filled under “Analytical function” and they are close to… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 14 August 2011

Download free SSMS Add-In to create custom folders for database objects

I’ve just finished promised SSMS add-in which enables creating of custom folders directly in SSMS Object Explorer. Idea for add-in came from fact that I was dealing with hundreds of SQL objects and was fed up of browsing for correct one in SSMS standard folders. I tried also many “quick… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 8 August 2011

SQL Server 2011 “Denali”: Get T-SQL query metadata without executing it

SQL Server 2011 “Denali” introduces couple of new procedures which enable you to read query metadata without executing it. Previous versions of SQL Server support reading metadata from system catalog but it is possible only for fixed objects. With following new procedures you can do similar thing but for dynamic… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 3 August 2011

Awesome new features in SQL Server 2011 “Denali”: IIF and CHOOSE functions

SQL Server 2011 “Denali” introduces two new features for flow control which may help you to keep your T-SQL cleaner than in previous versions. It is IIF and CHOOSE. These two function are very simple but it’s good to know they’re there.

IIF Function
Any developer should be aware of… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 2 August 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly SQL Cursor types

T-SQL cursors are generally bad approach and are often misused. In today’s world of correlated subqueries, CTE’s, recursive CTE’s, ranking and windowing functions (ROW_NUMBER, RANK, DENSE_RANK, NTILE) and other tools, you have really few moments where cursor is better solution. On the other hand, there are still scenarios where cursor… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 30 July 2011

SQL Azure – simple description, part I.

I was studying SQL Azure parameters some time ago and found out that there are no materials which tell you clearly what it is, what it costs, what are limitations, what developers can and can’t do etc. There are so many marketing materials, business materials and even very technical materials… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 29 July 2011

T-SQL refactoring

Keeping your SQL objects’ naming rules during furious development is hard. New levels of information are added continuously, entities are being splitted, then joined together again, entities are often renamed several times just because you have better name for them etc. For me, renaming is heart of T-SQL refactoring. But… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 28 July 2011

Fastest row counting method

SELECT COUNT(*) is most common method (and exact) how to find out how many records is in table. There is also another method which is not exact but is way faster especially when you are expecting zillion of rows to be counted. This method is based on fact that SQL… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 26 July 2011

Partial name matching in SQL Server 2011 “Denali”

While playing with SQL Server 2011 “Denali”, I’ve accidentally found out that it has slightly enhanced intellisense in SSMS. There is one thing which I really like much – partial name matching. Prior to SSMS 2011 you had to enter object’s first letters in order to be completed by intellisense.… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 21 July 2011

Article: How to use temporary table in function

Steve Jones from voiceofthedba.com, editor on SQLServerCentral.com gave me an opportunity to publish humble article about workaround solution for using temp table in user-defined function. I was very pleased and I am now proud that my article is on SQLServerCentral homepage (at least for today).

After reading discussion under article… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 21 July 2011

Custom folders SSMS Add-In slightly delayed

I am desperately trying to finalize this add-in and it is very very close. I was performing another testing on few thousands of objects and found out that add-in is causing instability to Management Studio from time to time while handlilng this high numbers of objects. It is very hard… Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 17 July 2011

SQL Injection is still actual :)

Here are two samples showing that SQL Injection is still here and dangerous !!!


This use case is especially insidious

Read more

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 16 July 2011

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