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Denali’s Skeletons in the closet, Part I

I’ve started to play little bit with SQL Server 2011 CTP Denali to find out whether some open wounds were healed yet. I like new things in Denali but I’ve hit one thing I am still terribly missing. This is RAISERROR in function.

Today is black day for me because Denali gave me error message for that (same as 2008 R2):

Very sad, I am still doomed to nasty workarounds such as “ERROR” string returning or on-purpose division by zero.
Hopefully it will be in final version.

Jakub Dvorak @ www.sqltreeo.com


Posted by Martin Catherall on 6 July 2011

Perhaps you could raise a connect item.

Posted by Jakub Dvorak on 6 July 2011

Thanks for notice, I should mention it in post - it's already there for long time. Even with promise of consideration to implement it in 2011. Here - connect.microsoft.com/.../msit-edw-please-allow-raiserror-in-functions

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