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My name is Kenneth Fisher and I am Senior DBA for a large (multi-national) insurance company. I have been working with databases for over 20 years starting with Clarion and Foxpro. I’ve been working with SQL Server for 12 years but have only really started “studying” the subject for the last 3. I don’t have any real "specialities" but I enjoy trouble shooting and teaching. Thus far I’ve earned by MCITP Database Administrator 2008, MCTS Database Administrator 2005, and MCTS Database Developer 2008. I’m currently studying for my MCITP Database Developer 2008 and should start in on the 2012 exams next year. My blog is at www.sqlstudies.com.

Archives: August 2016

The new Data Migration Assistant has been released!

Monday Bob Ward (b/t) announced on twitter that the new Data Migration Assistant had been released.

First things first the DMA is a replacement of the Upgrade Adviser. In fact it’s an upgrade of the Upgrade Adviser. It has some amazing new features.

  • You can install…

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Posted in SQLStudies on 31 August 2016

Natural vs Artificial Primary Keys

There has been a long standing debate over the use of a natural primary key vs an artificial one. I thought I would throw in my two cents.

First of all why is it important? The primary key is used for two major purposes.


The primary key is one… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 29 August 2016

Copying an on-premise Database to an Azure SQL Database

Continuing my exploration of Azure the next logical step seemed to be copying an on-premise database up to the cloud. This is also the next in the ideas I got while watching Jes Borland’s (b/t) excellent session on Azure and SQL Server on the Pass Data… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 24 August 2016

Cloud Security

In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve recently started looking at the cloud and what it entails. Well one of those aspects (duh) is security. I’m not sure where I found this (probably someone tweeted it) but one MS has put out a document on the subject (again duh) called Microsoft… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 22 August 2016

RBAR vs Batch

Many years ago Jeff Moden (of SQL Server Central fame) came up with the concept of RBAR. Row-By-Agonizing-Row. At it’s most basic it means you are inserting one row at a time. A more broad interpretation says it’s any type of loop even the type caused by a recursive CTE. Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 17 August 2016

Temper, Temper

Possibly the single most influential event in my career happened over 25 years ago. I lost my temper at a client.

The client had requested a meeting. They had a new, complex, system they wanted implemented in the software we managed for them. The client was very very excited. I… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 15 August 2016

Write-Only permissions

Yep, that’s right, you heard me. Write-Only not Read-Only. I was presenting SQL Server Security Basics at NTSSUG the other night and there was an interesting discussion on the idea of granting someone write permissions without corresponding read permissions.

So for example:

-- Setup code

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Posted in SQLStudies on 11 August 2016

Azure: What’s the difference between SQL Database and SQL Server?

If you want to blog T-SQL Tuesday is a great way to get started. On the first Tuesday of each month (or possibly a bit earlier as in this case) someone presents a blogging idea. Everyone who wants to participate then comes up with something on that subject and posts… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 9 August 2016

What’s the difference between LEFT and RIGHT OUTER JOINs?

A DBA walked into a bar, saw a couple of tables, and asked “Can I JOIN you?”

There are several different kinds of JOINs. OUTER JOINs are one of the more complex options. With an INNER JOIN only those rows that have a match on both sides of the… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 3 August 2016

Using impersonation to allow a task without granting the required permission.

I use impersonation on a regular basis for a number of different tasks. This one is pretty basic but can make a big difference in how you handle security. Let’s use a very basic task as an example.

A developer wants to be able to truncate a table.

This isn’t… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 1 August 2016