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Script to clean up “Windows” logins no longer in AD

By Kenneth Fisher, 2013/03/01

I was scanning and ran across the following question:

Basically the OP wanted to know how to get rid of “Windows” or AD logins. Mike Fal answered with a very cool script I just had to blog about. Basically it scan’s through the Windows logins in sys.server_principals and uses xp_logininfo and a try catch operator to check if they exist or not and print a drop statement if they don’t. Here is the script if you don’t want to follow the link. I think I’ll change type=’U’ to type IN (‘U’,'G’) to check groups as well since we get a fair number of those also.

declare @user sysname
declare @domain varchar(100)

set @domain = 'foo'

declare recscan cursor for
select name from sys.server_principals
where type = 'U' and name like @domain+'%'

open recscan 
fetch next from recscan into @user

while @@fetch_status = 0
    begin try
        exec xp_logininfo @user
    end try
    begin catch
        --Error on xproc because login doesn't exist
        print 'drop login '+convert(varchar,@user)
    end catch

    fetch next from recscan into @user

close recscan
deallocate recscan

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