Printed 2016/05/26 06:45PM

Danish Developer Conference – DDC 2012


I am proud to announce that we at Geniiius will be speaking at DDC 2012. DDC 2012 is a one day event held in Horsens, Denmark on the 29th of February 2012. You can sign up for the conference by following this link.

DDC 2012 is all about Windows Phone, Windows Azure, Windows Desktop and Visual studio, we will be speaking about SQL Azure – big surprise Smile

Our session is titled: “SQL Azure, hvor og hvornår skal du bruge det “ (Danish, sorry), and during this one hour presentation we will show you some examples where SQL Azure is an excellent choice. Elasticity and scalability is two buzz words often used in combination with SQL Azure, to demonstrate this we will have a look at SQL Azure Federations.

We will be at the conference the full day, so hopefully we will meet some of you there and have a chat.

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