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Replication Latency

I've used Replication a lot over the years and contrary to the opinions of most DBA’s I know, I think it is a brilliant feature.  Replication I feel gets a bad reputation for causing a number of problems for DBA’s, in most cases it is something they inherit when…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 25 January 2013

SQL Server 365 - Fantastic First Year In Numbers

So, tomorrow marks one year since I started blogging here on SQL Server 365 and what a year it has been.  I can honestly say that I have taken a great deal away from this experience which has been so rewarding, the  only disappointment I have is that I didn't start blogging earlier.


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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 31 December 2012

Active Directory Group Membership and Powershell

I’ve done my fair share of work with Active Directory over the years and LDAP has helped immensely, it did however let me down recently.  Well when I say LDAP let me down it was probably my knowledge of LDAP (or lack thereof) that let me down.

For an audit…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 19 December 2012

Tables without a Primary Key

As well as creating the script for yesterday’s post on finding Tables without a Clustered Index I tweaked the script slightly to get all tables without a primary key.  A Primary Key constraint enforces uniqueness of a record in a table.  I am extremely anal with this particular standard…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 30 November 2012

Tables without a Clustered Index

Yesterday while adding some new logic to an existing process I noticed an unacceptable level of performance degradation with the routine.  Investigation led me to find that a new table had slipped through the net and been created without a clustered index.  Needless to say adding a clustered…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 29 November 2012

Unused Indexes

A sound indexing strategy is paramount to performance in an OLTP system.  Not having the correct indexes in place can cause unnecessary reads placing additional overhead on, among other things the IO subsystem.  Having said that indexes that are in place but never used cause unnecessary writes during…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 27 November 2012

Database Mirroring Performance Counters

This week’s SQL Skills insider email contains a simple but often too true scenario regarding database mirroring.  If you haven’t signed up to the insider email I suggest you do as there is wealth of great information provided by the SQL Skills team on a Bi-Weekly basis.

In summary what…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 14 November 2012

Database Mirroring Error

I have been setting up multi instance database mirroring for the last couple of days along with some other DR related processes.  I will do a detailed post about these at a later date.  I came across this particular error again (for about the sixth or seventh time) Error Message…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 26 October 2012

Create Database Script

I always try to enforce standards across all the SQL Servers I manage, it makes tons of administrative tasks much easier to complete and ensures consistency across the estate.  One thing that really irritates me is existing “legacy” environments that do not conform to these standards.  For example…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 21 September 2012

tablediff Utility

I recently stumbled across a little gem of a utility called tablediff.  I have been working a lot with replication in my current position and recently had to setup merge replication between 3 servers on our WAN.  For those of you who have used replication in anger Replication…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 20 September 2012

High Availability Lingo

You have got to love the way the SQL Server team change the lingo in all of their high availability (HA) / disaster recovery (DR) features.  To a novice and even to more seasoned DBA’s it can be confusing, this post will not go into the nitty gritty of how…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 13 August 2012

Cost Savings and Backup Compression

Let me set the scene, one of our internal IT SQL Servers which stores a whole host of performance metrics has over the last few months’ experienced tremendous growth as we have started to monitor more metrics on more servers.  A routine we have in place to collect and report…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 8 August 2012

Database Tables

Today I was asked for "a list of all tables in all databases" on a particular instance of SQL Server.  Knowing what was actually required was all "User" tables in all "Accessible" "User" databases I wrote the script below . It will return the ServerName, DatabaseName, SchemaName and TableName of…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 13 June 2012

Rebuilding System Databases

Today’s post is something I thought I would share as there is an awful lot of incorrect commands I have seen (and some even tried) in the past around rebuilding system databases.  Now first off let me explain that rebuilding system databases is no straight forward task.  I would avoid…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 2 April 2012

Why I don’t like maintenance plans

If you create a maintenance plan (SQL 9.0.3042) to backup databases and select All databases as below;

Then at some point in the future if one of the databases is taken offline the job created by the maintenance plan will fail.

From what I have seen the job will still…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 16 March 2012

How Resilient Is Your Recovery Plan?

In this modern age of technology DBA’s face an ever increasing demand from businesses; our databases must perform, be secure, highly available and scalable and equally as important recoverable.  There is an obsession with the 5 9’s within the industry, and rightly so, but just how resilient is your recovery…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 14 March 2012

A Script A Day Finished!

Well that's it, my "A Script A Day" series is finished.  I hope you found the scripts I provided useful, I've used all the scripts in real world DBA tasks.  I tried to provide a variety of scripts covering a number of different areas.  This series I feel will appeal more to…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 3 March 2012

A Script A Day - Day 29 - The Importance of Being Idle

Today’s script is also one I used in my migration on Wednesday.  It again uses string manipulation to generate a script, this time the restore database script.  Now granted this quick script wouldn't work if there are any secondary data files and is reliant on the logical file names and file locations…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 2 March 2012

A Script A Day - Day 28 - String Manipulation

Today’s script is one that I used earlier this week.  On Thursday I migrated a server from SQL Server 200 to SQL Server 2008 R2.  Now I love migrations, I don’t think I’m weird but I buzz off the addrenaline rush when working under pressure and I get a great…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 2 March 2012

A Script A Day - Day 27 - Missing Database Backups

Today’s script is one I have used many times in the past to check for missing backups.  The script will return the database name and the last full backup date of all databases that are in the FULL recovery model and have not had a FULL database backup in the…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 29 February 2012

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