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Archives: November 2012

Tables without a Primary Key

As well as creating the script for yesterday’s post on finding Tables without a Clustered Index I tweaked the script slightly to get all tables without a primary key.  A Primary Key constraint enforces uniqueness of a record in a table.  I am extremely anal with this particular standard…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 30 November 2012

Tables without a Clustered Index

Yesterday while adding some new logic to an existing process I noticed an unacceptable level of performance degradation with the routine.  Investigation led me to find that a new table had slipped through the net and been created without a clustered index.  Needless to say adding a clustered…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 29 November 2012

Unused Indexes

A sound indexing strategy is paramount to performance in an OLTP system.  Not having the correct indexes in place can cause unnecessary reads placing additional overhead on, among other things the IO subsystem.  Having said that indexes that are in place but never used cause unnecessary writes during…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 27 November 2012

Database Mirroring Performance Counters

This week’s SQL Skills insider email contains a simple but often too true scenario regarding database mirroring.  If you haven’t signed up to the insider email I suggest you do as there is wealth of great information provided by the SQL Skills team on a Bi-Weekly basis.

In summary what…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 14 November 2012