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Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes ...

NOTE: At least one project will be selected every week for the remainder of 2010. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, over the next five months, twenty-four (24) unemployed or underemployed developers will be selected because of their non-profit project...(read more)

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Posted in SQLSequel on 31 July 2010

I come to you, humbled...

WOW! A couple of weeks ago, I announced that I would be offering a few MSDN Ultimate subscriptions to unemployed or under-employed developers to help them improve and update their skills in consideration for doing social good by helping out a non-profit...(read more)

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Posted in SQLSequel on 21 July 2010

While you don't get a 'Free Lunch', you will get your just desserts...

UPDATE: Additional Microsoft MVPs have joined the project and we will now be selecting at least two (2) now three (3) qualifying projects each month. The selected first tier project will have the package listed below. The package for the selected second...(read more)

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Posted in SQLSequel on 12 July 2010

There will be no 'Free Lunch' -just great feelings of accomplishment

NEW: Project Criteria and Submission Here I was again awarded the ‘Most Valuable Professional’ (MVP) designation from Microsoft for my community activities, especially for my contributions with the SQL Server and .NET communities. One of the benefits...(read more)

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Posted in SQLSequel on 2 July 2010

It will happen on a spring day in May...

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May." - Edwin Way Teale This spring, the Portland, Oregon, development community is coming together in a way never experienced before. Using the University of Portland campus, SQL...(read more)

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Posted in SQLSequel on 22 February 2010

It doesn't matter, it's just data...

Database Design. Sounds simple, and at the same time, demanding. I mean, what's to design. You just need a few tables to hold the data for the application you are creating. You just can't really take the time to design -the entire project is agile and...(read more)

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Posted in SQLSequel on 15 December 2009

Marketing Mistakes and Poor Customer Service can Hurt Your Business

Yesterday, I was able to cause a potential customer to buy a competing product. In fact, according to my tally sheet, it was the 43rd time that I am aware of where my dissatisfaction with this company's customer service directly translated into loss of...(read more)

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Posted in SQLSequel on 15 November 2009

You Bet Your Life

Yesterday, Jonathan Kehayias wrote in his blog post " Have you got air in your spare.." about dealing with a flat time. He went on to compare spare tires to HA/DR planning. An excellent article and recommended reading. I wish to expand on Jonathan's discourse...(read more)

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Posted in SQLSequel on 22 October 2009

Do You Have What It Takes?

I was engaged in a conversation recently where the topic under discussion was "What defines an "A" class player?" Others in the conversation were trying to get a handle on 'greatness', because they desire to create an "A" class Team in their work environment. They want to lead… Read more

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Posted in SQLSequel on 2 May 2009

Heads I win, Tails You Lose

Imagine going to a casino with $100 dollars to gamble. As you enter, you notice a vending machine that sells gambling insurance policies. For a small price, the insurance policy will guarantee to replace any losses that you may incur while gambling. So being a prudent person, you buy one.… Read more

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Posted in SQLSequel on 22 March 2009

Is it time for SQL Server to have Isolated Transactions?

SQL Server allows nesting of Transactions –in a sense. In truth, there is only one Transaction, with each ‘nested transaction’ serving to increase (and decrease) the @@TRANCOUNT indicator. The transaction can be committed or rolled back at any point that the @@TRANCOUNT value is equal to one. Error conditions may… Read more

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Posted in SQLSequel on 10 March 2009

MVP Summit 2009 -A Most Excellent Adventure

For many of us, one of the high points of being an MVP is attending the annual MVP Summit hosted in Seattle by Microsoft. Yes, there is a lot of flash and hoopla, good food, and a party or two. But the real value comes from connecting and re-connecting with…

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Posted in SQLSequel on 7 March 2009

You HAVE to Trust, you MUST Verify -and that may still not be enough!

In Brian Kelly's recent blog post, he makes an excellent case outlining why there are few options but to 'Trust' SQL Server Administrators. And then he goes into excellent detail explaining that it may be impossible to completely 'prohibit' disruptive behavior, and that one should establish a robust auditing of… Read more

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Posted in SQLSequel on 20 February 2009

What’s in a Name?

Why do folks continue to use outdated and unnecessary naming conventions? Specifically, the ridiculous ‘tbl’ prefix on tables, and the equally meaningless ‘usp’ for stored procedures. I think that it is because that is what they see illustrated in books, magazines, white papers and on-line 'example'… Read more

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Posted in SQLSequel on 23 October 2008

When Do You Know That You Know

Why, when you can help others, that's when! 

In my role as a senior Moderator with the MSDN SQL Forums, I am often asked "How do I become a Moderator on the Forums?"

I am quite appreciative and heartened when folks indicate, and then demonstrate, their interest in helping others. Volunteering to assist… Read more

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Posted in SQLSequel on 17 October 2008

Through the Looking Glass: Elegant -or Not?

SQL Server as an EAV Database -Good Idea? 

It seems like I am getting more and more inquires from potential clients asking for help solving performance related issues with what, after some investigation, is using SQL Server as an EAV database.

First, for those unfamiliar with the concept, an… Read more

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Posted in SQLSequel on 3 October 2008

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