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Today I ran into an interesting website.  While I was trying to locate information concerning a SQL Saturday event, I came across one of my blog entries on another site.  I syndicate to SQLServerCentral and SQLServerpedia and am fully aware that my blogs would be verbatim on each of those sites.  That is expected, both parties and I agreed to terms and conditions of syndicating my blog on those sites.  This site was neither of them.  My blogs that appear on this site could be found here (as of the writing of this article).

I had to ponder it for a bit.  The intent of the site, as they state, is to pull the best of the blogs to a single site.  That may seem a little flattering for somebody new to the blogging world.  I decided to ask some peers what they thought of the site.  You can find that question here and follow the conversation about it.  Flattery or not it is stealing of content as Buck Woody brought up in his blog on the topic after word spread.  Thanks to Gail Shaw for forwarding it out on twitter.  A lot of people have their blogs copied to this site, and none via permission.  Emails are being generated and being sent to (removed email address) the admin of the site.  If your content has been stolen, I suggest you do the same.

Personally, if a request came to me asking my permission to have my material syndicated on that blog site – I would consider it.  But please don’t just post my content without proper attribution or having requested my permission.


Posted by Dukagjin Maloku on 21 May 2010

I can see that same things happened to me, I can see cashed info from that site...but I can see that all posts have the info about the author and the link of the post is redirected to the original blog! At least I can see that this happened with my posts. Now I don't know the real situation because all posts are not there anymore!

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 21 May 2010

yes.  The posts were removed very quickly after about a dozen emails.

The titles were links back to the original feed site (in my case he was using a feed from SSC).  However, you couldn't tell it was written by me unless you scrolled to the end of the article and saw my name.  Nothing was said about it being written by me, just a category at the end with my name.  Contrary to the statement on that site, my entire blog posts were word for word on that site - not just an excerpt with a read more link.

At least he reacted promptly to the community.

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