Printed 2017/04/24 02:12AM

Log is Filling Up

By Jason Brimhall, 2010/02/05

Today I ran across Paul Randal’s latest post showing how to find open transactions and such.  This is a nice little script and would prove very useful in certain circumstances.  An obvious circumstance would in trying to find what is causing the transaction log to fill or even grow.  Paul posted his article on Feb 1.  An interesting coincidence for me is that I submitted an article for review that very day.  In the article I discussed a couple of methods to help determine the cause of log growth.  My script is more simplistic than Paul’s – and has been adapted for a couple of different purposes.  This script could also be easily adapted to fit other purposes.

As an extension to the article (if it gets published), is a blog about using Event Notifications for the very same purpose (finding the cause of log growth).

Anyway, I justed wanted to pass along that Paul has posted a great script.  Go check it out.

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