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Tweet, Tweet, Tweetilly Deet

In a day and age when information abounds and social networking is the only way to communicate (a bit of an exaggeration, I know), it seems to be a rarity when one does not conform.  I just happen to be one of those rarities.

I don’t find the need currently to tweet.  I don’t know how I would find any more time in the day to add one more thing to do.  Particularly when tweeting seems to be an activity that would be time intensive for any real purpose I would deem reasonable to make tweeting necessary.  I tried the facebook thing for a bit, and found it to be just a gossip network.  I do participate in LinkedIn.  LinkedIn works nicely for me because it is a professional network.  Tweeting seems like it could go either way – gossip or professional.  Twitter does seem a bit more difficult to integrate into the work environment than LinkedIn and could prove to be a big distraction.

Tweeting could be a useful activity, and may enter into my tool-belt sometime in the future.  That won’t be until it seems to be more conducive to my current activities.  Having recently started my blog, I am finding that there is a substantial time requirement to get it up and running, tweaking it, and then writing the posts.  Some of these posts are quick and easy, while others take more time and preparation.  Just the other day, my wife (Krista) called this blog my “other child.”  This was due me splitting my free time between blog and children.

Also recently, Krista commented on my priorities.  She said that I didn’t even have myself listed on my priorities.  If I don’t have time for myself in my own set of priorities, how could I possibly add another time detractor to my list of priorities?  She also said that my priorities seem like: 1.) Work, 2.) Work, 3.) Work – but then she said she was joking.  And she was.  That doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.  I try to keep things well rounded between work, family (wife and children), church, community, and service.  The work, work, work does have some validity to it – since I am also trying to get my personal business going alongside full-time employment.

I imagine someday that only one of those two jobs will exist and there will be more time for tweeting.  I do think though, that it would be used mostly as a professional tool – even with the limitations that tweeting does exhibit.

I am curious to know how other DBA’s who tweet manage it?  How do you find tweeting to integrate professionally?


Posted by chuckboycejr on 19 January 2010

twitter combines the immediacy of SMS, the universality of email, and the syndication of blogging.  Like any technology (e.g. telephone, browser, RSS) - there is a learning curve.  Once mastered and after an initial investment it pays large dividends.  I find twitter invaluable as a research/collaboration tool at work.  If you don't think having instant access to the following SQL experts to assist you with your database issues isn't worth the time required to learn and use twitter, then I will have to say that is your opinion - but I think you are choosing to not avail yourself of a powerful help with daily DBA life: Paul Randal, Brent Ozar, Grant Fritchey, Brian Kelley (I will stop there, but believe me: I could keep typing for a while)


Posted by Jason Brimhall on 19 January 2010

True, one would have access to those professionals.  And i would believe that would be worthwhile.  What of all the noise?  There is also the websense factor - and thus the requirement to be tied to the cell-phone in order to tweet.  I was coming more from a standpoint of inbound tweets than outbound tweets.

Posted by chuckboycejr on 19 January 2010

You need to learn how to use the WHERE clause.  

In twitter, the WHERE clause is the client you use (in my case, seesmic although many people also enjoy tweetdeck).

You do not require a cell phone to use twitter.


Posted by Jason Brimhall on 19 January 2010

That I understand - in my situation I would though.  Twitter is blocked by websense - thus no tweeting during work hours unless via cell-phone (or secondary computer that is connected via air-card).

I appreciate your feedback - it is useful information.

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