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A blog about SQL Server Replication.

Archives: January 2012

Creating merge replication conflict alerts

One of the challenges in working with Merge Replication is handling conflicts since writes can occur at any node in a topology. In an earlier post I demonstrated how to handle conflicts using the business logic handler framework - now I would like to show how to create Merge Replication… Read more

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Posted in SQLREPL on 28 January 2012

How to set the default replication agent profile

Over the last couple of years I've come to the conclusion that the default replication agent profiles just don't cut it.  For example, usually I want my replication agent jobs (Snapshot, Log Reader, Distribution, or Merge) to have a custom replication agent profile which differs from the default agent profile.… Read more

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Posted in SQLREPL on 22 January 2012

Error when creating a subscription

When creating a subscription in SQL Server sometimes the following error will occur:

The remote server "%s" does not exist, or has not been designated as a valid Publisher, or you may not have permission to see available Publishers.

The error is pretty straightforward and indicates that the replication agent… Read more

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Posted in SQLREPL on 17 January 2012

Extending the Publisher to the Cloud

SQL Azure Data Sync

This weekend I decided to setup a SQL Azure sync group to synchronize a SQL Azure database with an on-premise replication publisher.  I was curious if this would work, as I’ve been unable to find any documentation stating whether or not SQL Azure Data Sync can… Read more

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Posted in SQLREPL on 15 January 2012

How to let non-admin business users run replication agent jobs

This blog post is basic in nature but highlights a very real requirement that may arise when administering replication.  Occasionally we, as Database Administrators, need to grant non-administrator business users the ability to run replication agent jobs due to business needs.  Instead of giving the business user the ability to… Read more

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Posted in SQLREPL on 13 January 2012

Making Schema Changes in a Replication Topology

I've noticed in the forums there have been a number of people inquiring about making schema changes in a replication topology.  I understand the concern and I'm here to assure you that yes, it is possible to do.  If you think about it, DDL statements are used to create and… Read more

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Posted in SQLREPL on 10 January 2012