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SQL Man of Mystery

Wes Brown is a PASS chapter leader and SQL Server MVP. He writes for SQL Server Central and maintains his blog at http://www.sqlserverio.com. Wes is Currently serving as a Senior Lead Consultant at Catapult Systems. Previous experiences include Product Manager for SQL Litespeed by Quest software and consultant to fortune 500 companies. He specializes in high availability, disaster recovery and very large database performance tuning. He is a frequent speaker at local user groups and SQLSaturdays.

Speaking at SALSSA June 15th 2011:Understanding Storage Systems and SQL Server

I am very exicted to be speaking at the San Antonio PASS chapter SALSSA! It’s been way to long and I look foward to catching up with Jim Steiner the coordinator. I will be giving my favorite talk Understanding Storage Systems and SQL Server. It has been updated and… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 13 June 2011

Materials from SQL Server, Storage and You Part III

Thanks again to everyone who attended. Technical problems aside I had a great time and there were some great questions!

If you have a question please feel free to contact me, I’ll do my best to answer it.

Slide Deck


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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 8 June 2011

Secrets Of SQL Server: SQL Server, Storage And You Part 3 Solid State Storage

My last in the series on storage and SQL Server is today Wed, Jun 8, 2011 3:00 PM EDT (2:oo PM CST). You can register here if you want to take a deeper look into solid state storage. If you want a solid primer into flash based storage devices this… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 8 June 2011

SQL Server, Storage and You Part 2!

I saw 500 faces an rocked them all!

To those who attended my webinar today THANK YOU! If you didn’t…. There is a third one coming on solid state! As always the slide deck is posted here. I’ll be adding this information and some additional details to my ongoing… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 26 May 2011

Pliant Technology, Enterprise Flash Drives For Your SQL Server: Part 1

Pliant Technology, New Kid On The Block

If you have been reading my storage series, and in particular my section on solid state storage, you know I have a pretty rigid standard for enterprise storage. Several months ago I contacted Pliant Technology about their Enterprise Flash Drives. It… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 23 May 2011

SQLRally is A Smashing Success!

Yesterday I presented Understanding Storage Systems and SQL Server and had a fantastic time! The crowd was great and was very engaged for the entire 90 minutes and made the time fly. I can’t express how grateful I am to the SQLRally people for putting on a great show and… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 13 May 2011

I’m an ACE

I am happy to announce that I’ll be joining Idera’s Advisor & Community Educator for SQL Server program.

Getting More Involved

I’ve always appreciated Idera funding my local PASS chapter and funding SQLSaturday events. Recently the fine folks at Idera have decided to take a more active role in the… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 2 May 2011

SQL Server, Storage and You

Just a note that I will start my three part webcast, SQL Server, Storage and You next week April 13th at 2PM CST. I’m excited to have this opportunity to speak to a much wider audience on something that I love so much. When Idera approached me last year about… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 8 April 2011

SQLSaturday #63, Great Event!


I actually had a early morning sessions and gave my Solid State Storage talk and had a great time. The audience was awesome asked very smart questions and I didn’t run over time. The guys and gals here in Dallas have put on another great event and it isn’t… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 2 April 2011

Changing Directions

I See Dead Tech….

Knowing when a technology is dying is always a good skill to have. Like most of my generation we weren’t the first on the computer scene but lived through several of it’s more painful transitions. As a college student I was forced to learn antiquated technologies… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 1 April 2011

The Mystery Of The Slow Last Row

Things Go South

Recently I was troubleshooting a piece of software that archives data out of a very active import table. It is a pretty simple app. It queries the table for any id’s that have data older than X days. It then queries the table again to pull the… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 25 March 2011

Fast File Copy With Managed Code: UBCopy update!

If you have been following my trials with working with C# and files you know it hasn’t been a bed of roses. I ran into a roadblock when I was trying to build a high performance file copy tool in the CLR. I eventually found a solution. It works… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 24 March 2011

SQLDIY: Alert On Blocking Chains

Continuing the SQLDIY monitoring project we will take a look at tracking blocking events. I actually received a request to update this from a script I had made available at SQLServerCentral. This was a script from the grand old days of SQL Server 2000 and actually used xp_smtp_sendmail That Gert Drapers wrote… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 1 March 2011

My Upcoming Schedule, Come Get Your Learn On!

It’s official, I’ll be speaking at SQLSaturday #63 April 2nd. It is something near and dear to my heart, solid state storage. If you have seen me speak recently at any of the other SQLSaturdays you know I love talking about I/O. This time around I’ll be focusing on one… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 28 February 2011

Fundamentals of Storage Systems, IO Latency and SQL Server

A Thousand Men Marching Still Only March As Fast As One Man.

la·ten·cy - Computers . the time required to locate the first bit or character in a storage location, expressed as access timeminus word time.

Often when talking to people about performance they get rapped around the MB/Sec number… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 23 February 2011

SQLDIY: Manage and Monitor SQL Server Yourself

As an old school DBA and always having cheap frugal employers, I have rolled my own management and monitoring solutions. I’ve shared bits and pieces of it over the years to colleagues and to the community but never the whole thing at one go. I did try and build a… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 22 February 2011

Moore’s Law May Be The Death of NAND Flash

"It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so." -  Mark Twain

I try and keep this quote in my mind whenever I’m teaching about new technologies. You often hear the same things parroted over and over again… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 21 February 2011

SQLSaturday 57 In Houston, Here I Come!

Another year and staring it off right! I’ll be speaking at SQLSaturday in Houston, TX on the fundamentals of storage and SQL Server. I love this talk. I give it regularly and it’s like an old friend to me. Near and dear to my heart, IO subsystems and SQL Server… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 26 January 2011

#SQLRally is coming, Go vote!


We are in the final stages of selecting the speakers for the SQLRally May 11th through the 13th in sunny Orlando Florida. The program selection is a little different than what we have done with the Summit. The committee narrowed the number of selections and is putting the… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 25 January 2011

A New Year, Time To Get My Learn On!

My friend, and newly minted MVP, Jen McCown (blog|twitter) is hosting  T-SQL Tuesday this month. I normally don’t do the T-SQL Tuesday, but this is a post about resolutions so I am resolving to do more of them in the new year. I’ve always considered myself… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 11 January 2011

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