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SQL Rally 2012 Recap


Much Learning Was Had By All

SQL Rally 2012 had a diverse group of speakers and something for all levels of experience. I personally dug the talk Suresh did on 2012 memory internals. Mike Fal(twitter|blog) was the SQL Rally swan song. He is an example of how far you can come in one year.

WIT Panel Negotiation

I was nervous about my first WIT luncheon panel. I was lucky in my life to have strong female role models and have always fostered women in technology. Having the opportunity to talk about something men and women in IT struggle with was just awesome.

My Session Didn’t Bomb

Yay! People came to my session. They also asked some great questions and were very attentive. The minute you just expect people to be there and hang on your every word is the moment you have taken yourself too seriously. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to teach and share what I know AND to learn what others have experienced as well.

Much Fun Was Had By All

One of the things that people may dismiss is the networking opportunities that SQL Rally, SQLSaturday and PASS Summit afford you. I’ve met people and made friendships that have had lasted a decade. I look forward to the PASS Summit and to the SQLSaturdays I’m attending the rest of the year.

Slides from my talk

SAN NAS and IP Storage

Thanks again for a great event and I look forward to next year!


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