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SQL Man of Mystery

Wes Brown is a PASS chapter leader and SQL Server MVP. He writes for SQL Server Central and maintains his blog at http://www.sqlserverio.com. Wes is Currently serving as a Senior Lead Consultant at Catapult Systems. Previous experiences include Product Manager for SQL Litespeed by Quest software and consultant to fortune 500 companies. He specializes in high availability, disaster recovery and very large database performance tuning. He is a frequent speaker at local user groups and SQLSaturdays.

Archives: July 2011

SQLDIY: Index Usage Statistics

There are several different aspects of indexes that can be monitored via DMV’s. One the neatest things is just how much your indexes are used, how they are used or if they are used at all! I’ve put together this stored procedure to gather a ton of useful information on… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 12 July 2011

SQLDIY: Index Fragmentation Levels

Indexes, indexes, indexes my kingdom for an index! Well, something like that. Indexes are the single most important structure in our relation database world. So, it is understandable that I do everything I can to gather information, monitor their health and maintain them to the best of my ability. One… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 7 July 2011

Pliant Technology, Enterprise Flash Drives For Your SQL Server: Part 2

Adding In Others For Contrast

In our first part we introduced Pliant and the LS 300 drive. In part 2 we get down to the details. To give a better idea where you stand with the setup described last time I’m throwing in two other storage setups. A RAID… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 6 July 2011

SQLDIY: Statistics Information Including Last Update

One of the most important aspects of keeping your system running well is updating and managing your statistics. Since the optimizer relies on statistics to determine the best execution plan it is imperative that you keep an eye on them and maintain them just like you would indexes. One of… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 5 July 2011

SQLDIY: Gathering A Data Dictionary

In this installment we are looking at assembling a basic data dictionary from the column level meta data stored in SQL Server. This is a little different from the rest. You can still do quite a bit with the information provided but to leverage this to the fullest requires a… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 1 July 2011