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Heading back to Seattle

By Wesley Brown, 2009/10/30

I love visiting Seattle, even in November. Getting to catch up with old friends and meet new people is always the highlight of my trip. Don’t get me wrong, the training is awesome and I always learn so much, but I am a social creature. I can always go to specific training events to hear Kalen or Itzik. Getting to meet them in a social setting is something else all together. I learn as much talking to as many of the 2000 people there as I do attending sessions. Never underestimate the wisdom of the crowd!

I’m also a bingo square, if you aren’t playing SQLBingo shame on you! It is another great way to meet some smart people and expand your circle of friends.Even if you aren’t playing still come and find me, I’m always willing to meet new people.


See you next week!

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