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SQL Man of Mystery

Wes Brown is a PASS chapter leader and SQL Server MVP. He writes for SQL Server Central and maintains his blog at http://www.sqlserverio.com. Wes is Currently serving as a Senior Lead Consultant at Catapult Systems. Previous experiences include Product Manager for SQL Litespeed by Quest software and consultant to fortune 500 companies. He specializes in high availability, disaster recovery and very large database performance tuning. He is a frequent speaker at local user groups and SQLSaturdays.

Archives: October 2009

When Technical Support Fails You – UPDATE and Answers!

As promised and update on what has happened so far. A correction needs to be made. the P800 is a PCIe 1.0 card so the bandwidth is cut in half from 4GB/sec to 2GB/sec.

My CDW rep did get me in contact with an HP technical rep who actually knew… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 31 October 2009

Heading back to Seattle

I love visiting Seattle, even in November. Getting to catch up with old friends and meet new people is always the highlight of my trip. Don’t get me wrong, the training is awesome and I always learn so much, but I am a social creature. I can always go to… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 30 October 2009

When Technical Support Fails You

I have had the pleasure of being a vendor, and technical support for both hardware and software products. I know it isn’t easy. I know it isn’t always possible to fix everything. The level of support I’ve received from HP on my current issue is just unacceptable. This is made… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 30 October 2009

Yes, I am a square, but not the way my wife thinks.

I’ll be on the Twitter Bingo card along with a lot of other great SQL Server folks at Pass! Quest Software/SQLServerPedia are sponsoring this event. This is an opportunity for you to meet lots of folks and expand your circle of SQL friends. It’s also a great opportunity for me… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 21 October 2009

Hardware Review – EVGA UV Plus+ 16

This isn’t exactly related to SQL Server. I did effect my productivity. I am a monitor junkie. I love multi-monitor setups and have had them for a very long time. Today, having two monitors is trivial. Almost every video card on the market supports two displays. If you want more… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 21 October 2009

Fundamentals of Storage Systems – The System Bus

In my last post The Basics of Spinning Disks we covered hard drives, the back bone of our IO system.

This installment we will cover what connects the controller to the computer.

Disk controllers use a system bus to talk to your CPU and memory. It also determines the maximum… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 18 October 2009

OT: Rewriting History

I’ve been blogging for a few months. During that time I’ve received comments about my grammar, sentence construction and paragraph construction. I have taken this criticism to heart. I have only had two specific comments about my writing style so I have a point to start from. Like most of… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 11 October 2009

Adventures in SQL CLR and C#

I’ve toyed with the CLR in SQL Sever 2005 off and on since the first Yukon beta had it enabled. And I’ll be honest with you, I was not a fan.It wasn’t like “YOU got chocolate in my peanut butter!” kind of moment for me. I really thought it was… Read more

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Posted in SQL Man of Mystery on 9 October 2009