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SQL Rally: Don’t Vote for My Sessions

So I found out on Friday that I am going to be a speaker at the Dallas SQL Rally, which is very exciting.  I had the honor of not only presenting a pre-con and one regular session at the first SQL Rally in Orlando, but since there was a speaker no show I had the opportunity to give an impromptu session.  You had to be there to get the full affect.  The event was great and being a speaker made it ten times better. 

After presenting several times at many different events I have realized that one session is more than enough.  Now it’s not that I would not give 2, 3, 4 or what ever number of presentations needed at one event, I just think it’s all about the opportunity to speak.  After I clicked the submit button to place my votes for the regular sessions I felt guilty voting for myself.  There were several individuals that hadn’t been given a guaranteed spot and why should I want more then one when there are speakers willing to give their time and knowledge.

You maybe thinking this guy is crazy.  I am , a little, because I really enjoy speaking and sharing my knowledge.  Some people get high on other things, I actually get high on speaking.  Don’t believe me, talk to me after one of my presentations.  Ok, back to the topic.  I also think that we need to continue to grow the SQL Community.  This is one reason I started the SQL Lunch.  I want to give people that are new to speaking a venue to start and become better at speaking.  Eventually, they should be able to present on a grander scale like the SQL Rally and the PASS Summit

Ultimately the choice is yours as a speaker.  I am not going to deny the fact that deep down inside I would love to give 2 or maybe even three sessions at every event that I attend, but EGO aside I would be more than content with ONE.  As a result, I am campaigning for all those individuals that haven’t been selected as a speaker.  Unfortunately, this did not hit me until after I placed my votes.  I wish I could go back in time to change my votes.  Maybe I will spend the next couple of days watching Back to the Future and try to build my own version of a time travel machine.   I’ll start by designing a “Flex Capacitor”. 

So if you haven’t voted, which you should do so now, consider what I have stated above.  I do understand that this is a PAID event and that the selection committee must ensure that the quality of the presentations are inline with the costs of the event.  I do also understand that the final twenty are up for community vote.  If you are attending do you really want to see the same presenters over and over.  Your choice. 

This post may upset some speakers and I may end up on some black list of speakers.   When I made my selection I made my selection based on the title and abstract of the session instead the speaker.   This way my selections are completely unbiased.  However, if I had a chance to do it again I would make a new list that did not included selected speakers and then make my choices based on my new list.  Is it fair, probably not.  I spent a lot of time submitting my 4 sessions and I definitely would have enjoyed having more than one selected.  Regardless, I am going give a great presentation and attend as many other sessions as possible. 

In closing, I am asking each of you as your vote just to think about this a little.  Remember, if you see Patrick LeBlanc next to any of the presentations, pretend it doesn’t exist.  If you feel that you just can’t ignore my GREAT presentations then you have to do what you have to do.  Just remember, there are other great speakers beside ME (That’s the EGO talking), and how can they improve their skills if we don’t give them a chance.

See you at the SQL Rally in Dallas,

Patrick LeBlanc, founder www.sqllunch.com


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