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Archives: March 2011

SQL Lunch #51–SQL U Presents Women in Technology

This week I am happy to announce the second SQL University SQL Lunch presentation.   What’s makes this exciting is that the speakers are a group of some of the most respected and talented SQL Server women professionals in our community.  If you have time on Friday join the meeting. 


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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 17 March 2011

SSRS: Shared DataSet, Not So Shared!!!

I was really excited about the concept of Shared DataSets when they were introduced.  My excitement diminished a little when I ran into a small issue.  When you create an embedded data set based on a SSAS Cube that includes a parameter, a hidden dataset is automatically created that provides…

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 14 March 2011

SSRS: My Filter is not Working!!!

I rarely use filters in my SSRS reports.  However, this was a client requirement.  When we attempted to use the filter to our surprise it did not work.  The actual problem involved using a table that contained a column that was of a CHAR data type.  After a little digging…

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 7 March 2011

SQL Lunch #50 - Solitary Containment (An Overview of SSIS Containers)

Join us tomorrow on the SQL Lunch for a little SSIS.

Topic: #50-Solitary Containment - An Overview of SSIS Containers
If you’ve ever felt stranded, all by yourself, not knowing how or where to implement containers in your SSIS packages make sure you attend SQL Lunch Thursday March 3rd! Chris… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 2 March 2011