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2010 1st Quarter Goals Review

I know it’s kind of late to write a review of my first quarter goals, since we are well into the second quart of 2010.  However, I did state in my blog post earlier this year, 2010 1st Quarter Goals, that I would keep you all abreast of my progress.  So, how did it do?  Unfortunately, I failed miserably on a few goals, but, on the other hand,I exceeded my expectations on others.  Here is the list from my initial post with a few comments about my progress:

1. Learn everything I can about SQL Server Analysis Server – I have been on several engagements since my posting and I have to say that my SSAS skills have definitely improved.  MDX is still somewhat of a challenge, but I am working on it. 

2. Two blog postings per week -   Yeah right.   In the first quarter I posted 22 blogs, which is pretty close to two, but there wasn’t any consistency to my posts.  This is something I am really going to work hard at improving.

3. Publish two articles – I did publish two articles on www.BIDN.com.  If you would like to give them a read, here they are:

Incremental Loads with Change Data Capture – Part: 2  Detecting Changes

SSRS – Creating a Master/Detail Report

4. Speak at a minimum of three events (SQLSaturday, SQLLunch, PASS Virtual Chapter, etc…)

I was able to speak at four events, speaking at 5 sessions.  The sessions are as follows:

Tampa Bay SQL Saturday – SQL Server Backup and Data Compression 101

Tampa Bay SQL Saturday – Iron Chef Data Warehouse

SQL Lunch Webcast – Introduction to Partitioning

Pragmatic Works February SQL Server 101 Series – Beginning T-SQL

Charlotte SQL Saturday - SQL Server Backup and Data Compression 101

5. Schedule SQL Lunch speakers for the rest of the year (at least 2 per month) – This I found was a very optimistic goal.  I have decided to scale it back to finding speakers for each quarter.  So if you want to speak please send an email to webmaster@sqllunch.com

6. Submit 2 videos to SQL Share – Unfortunately, I did not get around to recording one video for SQL Share, but I have two topics that are ready to go and I will get them submitted before the second quarter of 2010 is over.

7. Submit an abstract to SQL Server Standard (Grant Fritchey) – This item has been removed from my list until further notice.  I have be asked to participate in a few larger writing commitments that really monopolize a lot of my free time.  Once I have completed those obligations I will reevaluate and I try to get an abstract submitted.

As I stated in my first Goals post, my goals tend to change as the year progresses. With the exception of number 7 in the above list of the items, all of the goals will remain for the Second quarter of 2010.  I have already fallen behind in regards to my blog posts.  Therefore the goal is not to post twice a week, that goal has been modified to post at least once a week on a consistent basis.  In addition to that modification I have added one item to the list and it is as follows:

Submit three abstracts to the PASS conference. 

Maybe I will get selected.  Either way I plan on attending and I look forward to meeting many of you there.

Talk to you soon,

Patrick LeBlanc, MCTS

Founder www.TSQLScripts.com and www.SQLLunch.com.

Visit www.BIDN.com, Bring Business Intelligence to your company.


Posted by Steve Jones on 7 May 2010

You made some good progress, and I think that given the changing job for you, I'm not sure you could have done more. The speaker scheduling is tough, especially as I'm sure people are reluctant to schedule too far in advance for that.

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 7 May 2010

Nice progress.  It is better to post progress late than never.

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