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SSIS - Single Package Deployment from BIDs

I have read several articles about deploying SSIS packages.  Most focus on using the deployment wizard or simply copying the files and their dependent properties onto the server.  For companies with a small number of SSIS packages the later appears to be the method of choice.  Recently, I was asked if there was a way to accomplish this without leaving Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS).

To deploy a package from BIDS complete the following steps:

1.        Open your SSIS package in BIDS:

2.     Once the package is opened, click in the empty space of the Control Flow tab view.

3.    Go to File->Save Copy of <Package Name> As…


Then a dialogue box will appear:


Type your server name in the Server drop down list and type the Package path, prefixing it with a forward slash (/). 

4.  Next choose your Package protection level and click OK twice.

Finally, connect to the Integration Server to verify that the package has been deployed.


This method may not be practical if you have several packages and many environments.  However, for a small IT shop that only has a small number of SSIS packages this maybe a good approach.  

If you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, feel free to email me at pleblanc@pragmaticworks.com.






Posted by Steve Jones on 23 December 2009

Can you also re-open the package from the remote server if you've deployed it there?

Posted by Patrick LeBlanc on 23 December 2009

Yes.  If you wanted the package from the remote server you would right-click on the SSIS Packages Folder in your project and click Add Existing Package.  You will be prompted with a dialogue box requesting server and package name.  If that package already exists a new package would be added to the solution adding a number to the end of the name.  This is one way to accomplish this.

Posted by drewskyjones on 26 December 2009

Have you tried BIDS Helper?  It has great file based deployment capabilities as well as a ton of other useful features:


I don't leave home without it anymore


Posted by Dave Schutz on 28 December 2009


If you re-open the package as Steve Jones suggested and make changes do you have to redeploy the package after making the changes or just save it?


Posted by Patrick LeBlanc on 28 December 2009

Thanks Drew for the tip.  I will check out BIDS helper.  

Dave, if you want the push the changes to the server you will have to redeploy.

Posted by chaminda on 29 December 2009

What my understanding is if you choose anything other than "Do not save sensitive data" for Package protection level, you tend to get decryption errors when you try to deploy to another machine and run on it.

Posted by SSIS Guy on 20 January 2010

BI xPress is the rock star any SSIS tools available in market It has real easy deployment, auditing, notification and many features available in BIDS Helper plus more.


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