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My Top 10 SQL Saturday Tips

Top 10 SQL Saturday Coordination Tips

1.  First and probably the most important thing is to assemble a very responsible and dependable group of people to assist in coordinating the event.  These individuals must share the same level of commitment as the Primary Coordinator.  This I think is the most difficult task, but will prove to me the most vital component.

2. I recommend using a College campus as the venue for your event.  If possible, make sure that something is taking place in the building you are using.  This is to ensure that the facilities personnel and tech support is available.

3. Always obtain a tech support phone number for the facilities.

4. Arrive at the facilities as early as possible.  If you can, attempt to gain access to the facilities the day prior to your event.  Also, if you live in a very warm and humid area of the country, ask if the air conditioner can remain on overnight or can someone turn it on hours before your event.

5. Begin contacting sponsors and speakers as soon as you have secured a venue.  Be willing to accept SWAG in the place of money.

6. If you are offering a free lunch, order about 70% of the number of registered attendees.  It is also a good idea to make arrangement with the business to be on call.  If you have more attendees than lunches you can call them around 9 or 10 am and make a request for the additional lunches.

7. Never schedule a speaker for more than 3 sessions.  Always have back up speakers, a minimum of one backups per track.

8. Be sure to have really good directional signs strategically place on and around campus.  Especially if you are on a large college campus.

9. Prior to the start of each session, have someone visit each classroom to do a check.  Checking to make sure that everything is working properly and offering the speaker something to drink and any other assistance he or she may need.

10. Provide a very simple and self-contained lunch.  Something like a box lunch from your local Subway or sandwich shop.  A box that includes a sandwich, chips and cookie.  Don’t forget to order some Veggie sandwiches.

Talk to you soon

Patrick LeBlanc, founder TSQLScripts.com and SQL Lunch

SQL Down South


Posted by Steve Jones on 5 October 2009

Nice set of tips. These would make sense for PASS as well.

Posted by Andy Warren on 6 October 2009

Good list. To expand on #5, it's really important to flexible when dealing with sponsors. Nothing wrong with getting SWAG or other barter stuff, but remember there are costs that require real dollars!

Posted by Anonymous on 9 October 2009

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