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Article of the Week – Kevin Kline “Social Media Scene”

This weeks article is written by Kevin Kline, which is titled “Getting Up-to-Speed on the SQL Server Social Medial Scene”.  This article is published in the latest edition of Database Trends and Applications.  In the article Kevin discusses the new social media or networking sites that are available.  Kevin discusses his initial skepticism about social networking, and how the tools could be a great way to “dither away some valuable time.  However, as he suggests, they can provide great value-add by means of connecting with other individuals and at the very least, see what everyone else is up to.  I to had my own concerns about social networking, similar to what Steve Jones posts in his blog posting about Face Book

After poking around on Face Book, I realized that it was a great tool that allowed me to connect with other people that share my many interests.  A great example for me is how it helped my spread the word about our recent SQL Saturday.  Kevin discusses several other social networking tools like, Twitter and Linked In.  I have not become part of the Twitter wave, but I am looking into joining.  When you have sometime go and read the article.




Posted by Steve Jones on 16 September 2009

Good link, and I'd missed that. I think Kevin has done a good job summarizing.

For the average person, I think they can easily allow you to waste time. However it also provides a much needed "water cooler" for those of us that aren't working in close proximity.

Posted by Stuart R Ainsworth on 17 September 2009

I think it has a lot to do with your own capabilities; I closed my Facebook account earlier this year because I was quickly becoming a Facebook junkie.  Other people don't seem to have those problems.

For me, it was addictive to catch up with people I haven't seen in 20 years; one of the limitation of Facebook (IMO) is that it doesn't allow you to segregate your life like we do in real life.  You may have old friends, and you may have new friends, but you don't always mix them up.  The conversations you have with your boss are not the same conversations you have with your best friend from 20 years ago.

I have recently reconsidered Facebook after a friend of mine mentioned that he used it at conferences to help him associated faces with names; Twitter doesn't do that. However, it still doesn't get past the fact that my life now is different from the way it was, and there's not always an easy way to reconcile the two.

Speaking of past lives, Patrick; stop by the Chimes and have some cheesefries and etouffee for me.


Posted by Patrick LeBlanc on 17 September 2009

I am going to the Chimes this evening.  There are actually two locations now.  You will have to come and speak at our SQL Saturday next year and I will have the speakers reception there.

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