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Archives: August 2009

Submitted PASS Board Of Directors Application

Well after much deliberation I have decided to submit an application for the PASS Board of Directors.  I embark on this journey as a true learning experience.  Hopefully, I will make it to the interview stage and gain some additional insight on the selection process.  As the process proceeds I… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 31 August 2009

SQL Lunch Calendar

We have been working hard trying to get speakers to complete the year for our SQL Lunch schedule. I am excited to announce that the calendar is almost complete. There are still a few openings in December if any of you are brave enough to give us fifteen to thirty… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 31 August 2009

SQLLunch.com – Looking for a Website Template

As most of you know I am hosting a bi-weekly Live Meeting event called SQLLunch.  I recently purchased www.sqllunch.com and I am looking of a good template (free of course) so I can quickly bring the site up.  If any of you have any suggestions please send me an email… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 28 August 2009

SQL Reporting Services 2008 Upgrade – The Call To Microsoft

I recently submitted an article to SQLServerCentral about my adventures in upgrading my existing SSRS 2005 instance to 2008.  In the article I described the steps taken to successfully upgrade a 2005 instance to 2008.  My initial attempt, which I spoke about in the article, was a cut and dry… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 28 August 2009

SQL Saturday #21 – Session Submitted

I just submitted my session for SQL Saturday #21 in Sunny Orlando Florida.  I have been working on a presentation for about about month and I want to test it out.  The title is, “Using the CLR to Monitor Disk Space”.  In the session I will show how… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 27 August 2009

TSQLScripts.com – The Rebirth and the Script of the Week

About two years ago I started www.TSQLScripts.com, and initially the response was great.  Within two weeks I had received about 25 submissions.  This set me up for about 6 months of Script of the Week.  Unfortunately, the submissions came to a screeching halt and I really did not have… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 26 August 2009

Article Of the Week

I really enjoy reading technical articles. They often enlighten me on new technologies or provide me with a new way to accomplish an old task. On most days I am inundated with new reading materials (Books, Magazines, Web Postings, Blog Postings, T-SQL Scripts, etc…) and it is often difficult to… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 24 August 2009

SQL Profiler – Wild Card Filter on TextData

WARNING: This may be very obvious to most of you. However, several people that I have encountered did not realize this could be done. Therefore, I decided to share this.

For a DBA the SQL Server Profiler is a must have tool in his/her arsenal of items when trying… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 21 August 2009

August SQL Server User Group – Near Real-time Data Warehouse

Well we had a really good meeting this week at our User Group.  There were about 17 physical attendees and 5 virtual attendees.  I spoke on the Near Real-time Data Warehouse.  This is the second time that I have given this talk.  Most of the attendees were very familiar with… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 19 August 2009

Replication – Accommodating Application Inserts

Recently I have been involved in lots of projects involving replication.  I have done some things to make replication work in some very strange environments.  This posting discusses one of my adventures.  If you have any other suggestions on how this should or could have been done shoot me an… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 17 August 2009

Upgrading To Windows 7

Well I spent most of this past Saturday upgrading my Laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate, which I have to say was not a bad experience.  If you are planning to do this, I suggest that you run the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor, which can be downloaded from here, prior… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 13 August 2009

Database is in Transition

One of my clients called saying they were receiving the following error when trying to access a database: "Error 952 Database is in Transition". 

So I asked, what was the last thing that you tried to do with the database.  He said take it offline, and that it would not… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 12 August 2009

LIVE MEETING REMINDER - Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group

Reminder:  The Baton Rouge Area SQL Server User Group will be broadcasting its user group via live meeting.  If you are interested please attend.  Here are the details:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009
5:45 PM - 8:00 PM

Attendee URL:  https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/usergroups/join?id=CFHN5Q&role=attend



Patrick LeBlanc, MCTS


Patrick is a SQL… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 12 August 2009

Adding Multiple Columns to a Table With a Single T-SQL Statement

You know, I believe the old saying, “If you don’t use it you will lose it”.  Well, I write a lot of Date Manipulation (DM) T-SQL these days and very little (Data Definition) DD.  Since my projects have all completed and rolled to production, I am on the backend writing… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 10 August 2009

Baton Rouge SQL Saturday – Evaluation Summary

Well I just finished reviewing the evaluations for my presentation, Introduction to SQL Profiler, which I gave at the Baton Rouge SQL Saturday on August 1st.  The reviews were great, but this makes me wonder if some of the attendees were biased because I was involved in organizing the event. … Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 7 August 2009

Use SQL Compare by Red Gate to Find a Missing Index

A couple of weeks ago one of our developers sent me an email saying, “I have a query that returns in about 3 seconds in one environment, but it never returns in the other environment.  Can you check for blocking?”

To appease the developer, I checked and there wasn’t any. … Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 7 August 2009

Call For Speakers – SQL Lunch Live Meeting

The Baton Rouge Area SQL Server User Group hosts Bi-Monthly Live Meetings that are 15-30 minutes long the consist of various technological topics ranging from Writing T-SQL queries to Data Warehouses design tips to Developing .Net applications.  We are currently looking for speakers to complete our 2009 schedule.  If you… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 5 August 2009

August 2009 Baton Rouge SQL Server User Group – Near Real-time Data Warehousing 1.0

Fresh off of my presentation of the SQL Profiler at SQL Saturday #17 in Baton Rouge this past Saturday, I am now preparing to speak at our next user group.  The topic is Near Real-time Data Warehousing.  I gave this talk at the SQL Saturday in Pensacola it was well… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 5 August 2009

SQL Saturday - Top 5 Suggestions from the Attendees

 After spending much of the last two days reading through over 200 SQL Saturday Event Evaluations I have come up with a list of GREAT list of suggestions from many of our attendees.  Here we go:


1.        Minimize the time between sessions.  We allowed… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 4 August 2009

SQL Saturday #17 – Baton Rouge


At 5:00 AM on August 1, 2009 I was awaken by a ringing cell phone.  It was Mark, the official and dedicated facilities person and speaker for SQL Saturday #17, which was going to be (little did we know) one of the biggest SQL and .Net events ever… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 3 August 2009