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Dynamic Data Masking

By David Postlethwaite


Dynamic data masking is a really useful new tool in SQL Server 2016. Keeping data safe is one of the most important tasks that a company has; this goes further than just making sure that users can only see their own data and hackers can’t get…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 9 May 2017

Always Encrypted

By David Postlethwaite

Always Encrypted is new features in SQL Server 2016 and it is also available in Azure SQL Database. Here you can encrypt columns in a table with a master key and a certificate so that they will appear as encrypted strings to those who don’t have the…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 24 April 2017

2 Great Courses For Databases Professionals - Deal Of the Week

I received  the email from Learning Tree on Wednesday with their weekly offer of courses running in the London Education Center this May. There are 2 Great  Courses For Databases Professionals.  Aside from the SrumMaster course which is priced separately you can get the courses listed for £750 plus…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 21 April 2017

What is SQL Server?

I’ve been playing around with YouTube, making some tutorial videos on SQL Server and it’s been a fun process so far. For my first video I decided to start at the beginning – This video looks at what SQL Server is? Basically what comes under the SQL Server umbrella? What…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 20 April 2017

Gethyn Ellis:My SQL Server You Tube Channel

Its been an interesting weekend at gethynellis.com I have been attempting to put together a SQL Server YouTubechannel. I’m planning on put lots of tutorials and how to videos on there. David P already has his own, where he records his SQL Saturday talks. Mine will be a little…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 10 April 2017

UK Contracting: Brexit, Dividend Tax and IR35 Having a Huge Impact

At the end of March I wrote a couple of posts discussing the state of IT industry. It looked at how government changes to dividend tax and possibly the Brexit vote last year seemed to have an impact on small business creation in the UK in the period running from…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 7 April 2017

An Introduction to Conatiners and Docker: Switch to Windows Containers

This is Chris Gibson's second post. This post follows on from his first post called: An Introduction to Containers and Docker. You can read all about Chris on our About Us Page


So far you have a fresh install of Docker for Windows, which is cool.  However, by…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 23 March 2017

Dividend Tax Changes and Brexit – Damaging to UK IT company creation

In my previous post titled UK Budget 2017 –The Death Knell for Small Business? We scratched the surface in discussing how economic decisions made during political events like the budget, can impact on business creation and people’s wiliness to follow their ideas and dreams and start their own business. 2016…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 22 March 2017

UK Budget 2017 – The Death Knell for Small Business?

Well I suspect not however I suspect it will likely have a major impact. What has this got to do with SQL and Data I hear you ask? I’m going to provide a little background first. Over the last week or so it has been an interesting political week here…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 21 March 2017

An Introduction to SQL Server 2016 Query Store

By David Postlethwaite

David is delivering a talk An Introduction to SQL Server Query Store at SQL Saturday Iceland today - this post has been scheduled to coincide with his talk

If you are at SQL Saturday Iceland today go and see his session.

There will be a series of…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 18 March 2017

An Introduction to Containers and Docker

By Chris Gibson

This is the debut blog post  of  Chris Gibson. Chris is in expert in Microsoft  Windows and is turning his attention more and more to the Cloud. You can read more about Chris on the About Us Page


This introduction to Containers and Dockers…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 16 March 2017

Do you need a degree to be DBA?

This question gets asked a lot and reoccurs over the years. Do you need a degree to be DBA? I have seen many blogs and posts addressing this question. From recollection, most of the posts I read came down on the side of not needing a university or college education…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 2 March 2017

Permanent Employment v Contracting: How the figures stack up

In my latest learning tree newsletter, I discussed analysing some of the salary survey data that the good folks over at BrentOzar.com collected and made available back in January 2017. The data is very interesting and in my first post on this topic over the learning Tree blog, we…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 21 February 2017

Valentine's day love from Learning Tree...

The latest course offer is in from Learning Tree!! And It's Valentine's Day!
Learning Tree are showing you the love with some great courses on offer for £750 plus VAT

Why don't you get your boss to treat you to training the spring.

Blow away the cobwebs and learn something…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 14 February 2017

SQL Server 2008 RTM - Maintenance Plans need Integration Services installed

The tail end of last week was a bit of a throwback week for me. For reasons that I’ll not go into here I have been building some SQL Server 2008 instances. This is because of a large SQL Server migration project that I’m working on for a client. The…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 31 January 2017

Enabling Remote Access to the Dedicated Admin Connection

Recently I was running a health check on one of my clients SQL Servers and I noticed that access to the dedicated admin account was disabled. They would not be able to connect to the Dedicated Admin Account (DAC) remotely.  It is generally good practice to enable remote admin connections.…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 30 January 2017

SQL Server Community Events

By David Postlethwaite

I have just come back from a successful SQL Saturday in Vienna, Austria where I had 60 people listening to my presentation on SQL 2016 new features.
It was interesting how many people still wanted to know about SQL Server 2016 even though it’s been out for…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 26 January 2017

How to Count the Total Number of Rows Across Multiple Tables

I have been working on SQL Server Consulting assignment,  a SQL Server 2014 migration for a new client over the past few weeks. When I’m undertaking such tasks I’m often asked additional questions that make my  day a little interesting. 

I got a question last week How to Count the…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 22 January 2017

SQL Server 2016 SP 1

By David Postlethwaite

SQL Server 2016 SP1 was released in November 2016 only five months after the initial release.

There have been some significant changes and additions in this release. The most significant of which is that many features that once only existed in Enterprise edition, such as Always Encrypted,…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 9 January 2017

gethynellis.com 2016 Review

The year gone was an interesting year for gethynellis.com and GRE Solutions. Any year that has a new release of SQL Server is always an interesting time, as learning and writing about new SQL Server features is always a fun thing to do. David has a great talk that he…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 5 January 2017

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