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Day1 - Assertiveness Skills: Communicating with Authority and Impact

This is the last course of my July training month. This is my second course this week. Yesterday I was teaching a 1-day course Writing SQL Queries. That went very well. You can read all about how that day went here.

For the rest of this week I will be producing a communication skills course titled Assertiveness Skills: Communicating with Authority and Impact. Claudia Unger is the lead instructor.

You can follow along with how the course goes this week on the live blog

16:30 Its been an interesting day finishing up looking at reactions reptilian brain, limbic systems, neocortex...I'm not going to pretend to understand all that's gone on here. But its very interesting stuff. join back tomorrow for Day 2.

16:00 Fear as emotional trigger is the current discussion. Its very interesting topic. And how people handle things differently. Emotional hijacking interesting concept, prevents your ability to think clearly.

15:30 Some self -reflection, the class look at some of their non-assertive behaviour.

15:20 Chapter 2 Asserting your Personal Power

14:20 A really interesting activity looking at different cultures and how assertiveness can differ in different countries, cultures and different parts of the world.

13:10 Back from lunch and the next topic is considering different global cultures

12:10 Lunch

12:00 A good discussion on organisational behaviour

11:30 Looking at organisational assertiveness types - its not just an individual thing.

11:15 Talking about your default behaviour. Knowing what that is for you is the first step in changing it. Hot buttons mentioned.

11:00 Looking at examples of Passive, Aggressive, Passive Aggressive and Assertive behaviours.

10:50 Back from break and we're starting on chapter 1 Essentials of Assertiveness

10:30 Some useful discussions around the potential barriers to being assertive...Coffee break is next

10:15 First group activity is a discussion about the barriers to being assertive. We have 3 groups 2 in class attendees and one a mix of in-class and online. Some interesting discussions already.

10:10 Introductions and whiteboard demo completed. Approaching the end of the introductions chapter

09:45 Introductions underway, a very interesting group of attendees

09:25 Course logistics and timeline being discussed at the moment. The drinks evening being mentioned now...Everyone enjoys Wednesday drinks.

09:15 The course objectives - what we are going to learn in the next three days being covered now

  • Be more aware of your assertiveness habits and increase your self-awareness to make better choices
  • Be effective in professional and personal situations by responding assertively
  • Choose and apply assertive practices in personally challenging situations
  • Plan and apply a structured communication approach to challenging interpersonal situations
  • Increase competency in applying assertive methods
  • Commit to creating an assertiveness action plan to use back at work
I think this will be an interesting week

09:00 Class is filling up nicely and we're about to start

08:30 The class is setup and good to go. We are expecting 11 people in class and 2 online attendees coming from across Europe giving a total of 13 attendees


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